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Exploring Trionfale Food Market and Roman Cuisine with Tavole Romane

Before revealing the mouth-watering tastings we had while exploring the Trionfale market and the impressive new food outlets in Prati, a big thank you to Tavole Romane for the kind invitation to join them on this exciting food tour.

I was eagerly looking forward to it as there were many firsts for me which I will explain in more details.

Bag from Tavole Romane Rome Food Tour

Also, after a month away from Rome and missing pizza al taglio (pizza by the slice) as well as dishes such as carbonara, this food tour with Tavole Romane was the perfect homecoming feast! Equally exciting was the opportunity to check out Romeo and Panificio Bonci which have recently opened in the Prati district.

Cold morning in Rome

Unusually cold wet morning in Rome

Struggling with jetlag and faced with an unusually cold and rainy day, I was thankful that the tour started at a reasonable hour of 10.30am. I slowly made my way to our meeting place and was met by the enthusiastic and vivacious Giovanna (a.k.a. Burro e Alici) whose energy and enthusiasm fired us up!

Trionfale Market

Our meeting place as well as our first stop was the Trionfale market.  Though I work in the vicinity and have heard positive things about the market, I’ve never ventured here as I often buy  groceries in my own neighborhood on the other side of town.

Ingresso - Trionfale Market - Rome Food Tour with Tavole Romane

The Trionfale market is impressive and offers a wide selection of produce including ethnic ingredients which are often hard to find in Rome.  In addition to that, you can also find seafood, fresh eggs, honey and even a stall where you bring your own bottles to fill them up with wine.

One first tasting was porchetta, a flavorful spit-roasted pork stuffed with a generous amount of herbs and if you are tasting this for the first time, don’t miss the crispy crackling skin – it’s the best part!  In addition to that, we also tried two different types of olives and the fruit in season, clementine.

Trionfale Market - Food Tour with Tavole Romane

Guiding us through the market and stopping at some stalls, Giovanna pointed out and shared many interesting tips, anecdotes and insights.  Here’s one on how to pick artichokes.  Looking at the artichokes below, which ones would you pick?

How to pick artichokes - Rome Food Tour with Tavole Romane

Panicificio Bonci

Braving the cold, we made our way to Panificio Bonci and inside, the smell of freshly made bread & pizza was divine.  We were all more than happy to help ourselves to warm slices of pizza bianca and rossa that we willingly devoured.

I plan to be back here soon as I’d love to check out the different breads they make.

Panificio in Prati - Food tour in Rome with Tavole Romane


In one word, this place is awesome! It’s stunning and wowed me the second I walked in.  Its modern decor is striking and ravishing which gives it an exquisite feel.  Fittingly, we had a tasting of an “aperitivo” here just prior to lunch with a glass of Franciacorta and some cold cuts.

Romeo - Rome Food Tour with Tavole Romane

Finally a chance to sit, we had the opportunity to get acquainted with others in the group with Giovanna enlivening the conversation. She is simply a wonderful host more than a guide!

As time was spent with the group, I didn’t get a chance to browse the deli area and also can’t wait to return to Romeo to try a few of their intriguing dishes.

Flavio al Velavevodetto (Quiriti)

Next, we were off to lunch and this was a full-on Italian lunch.  If you are not sure what that is – it means we start with appetizers followed by a primo (pasta dish – in this case we two primi!), then secondo – usually meat or seafood with side sides and finally dessert.

Giovanna has somehow charmed Flavio which to our benefit meant we got VIP treatment which included generous servings. We all did our best to clean up every dish but after going all out on the phenomenal carbonara which I think is better than the one at Da Danilo, I knew I’d made a huge mistake.  I was full even before we were half through!

Lunch at Flavio - Food Tour with Tavole Romane

Even the most well-intentioned among us weren’t able to finish everything on their plate.  I can safely say that we all walked out way beyond satisfied.

What I enjoyed about this food tour?

As I had mentioned earlier, there were a lot of firsts for me and that was what made it even more fascinating. What I appreciated the most about this food tour with Tavole Romane is that it covers an area in Rome that takes you slightly off the beaten path.

An elegant neighborhood to explore, the delightful Giovanna and of course, the fantastic tastings at impressive places make this a fun food tour in Rome to join. Again, my sincere thanks to Tavole Romane for the invite and this is a food tour that I would happily recommend to family and friends.


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  1. Sounds like a great day out indeed. And too much food!

    • Too much food is right! While most of the other guests made their way back to their hotel, I had to work the rest of the afternoon and it was a struggle.

  2. These are indeed some of the reasons I love Prati!

  3. Oh I wish I was back in Rome right now! It all sounds and looks so good. Just as well I can’t smell it as well or I’d be chewing my laptop! Happy New Year Diana.

    • Hi Kathryn,

      Happy New Year! Please do come back soon as there are so many fascinating new places opening up in Rome. Hope to see you some time this year either in town or for Blogville :)

  4. I can’t believe I missed this market as we were staying in Via della Giuliana (just round the corner!).
    Anyway, going back there in the Summer and will definitely be doing my shopping there!
    I picked up your blog details from Italia! magazine which is one of the best magazines ever!!

    • Hi Rachel,

      Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment! Hope you will get to check out the market this summer. It gives you a great idea of how locals do their shopping :) Thrilled to hear you found the blog from Italia! Magazine.

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