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17 Places to Eat in Rome – List for my sister

My sister has been contemplating a visit to Rome and with many new exciting places that have just opened up, here’s another list of 17 places that she may want to check out when she is in town next.

Not all are “new” openings but the list includes places which are new to me. They range from gelaterie to Michelin-star restaurants and while I have been to most of these place, those that I haven’t yet, I’ve read great reviews. It’s in no particular order and hopefully she can cover them all – if not, there’s always the next time.

1. Come il Latte – Gelateria

Places to Eat in Rome - Come il Latte

White or dark chocolate?

The chocolate fountain is a sight to behold and the salted caramel gelato is just heavenly. It’s been a while since I was there last and that said it’s time to head there soon.

Via Silvio Spaventa 24-26
Tel 06 4290 3882

2. Pinsere – Quick Lunch

A big thanks to the great folks at Cibando who brought us over to Pinsere for some pinsa. Pinsa would be similar to oval-shaped foccacia with different toppings or fillings. I have already written about this so check out the post to get an idea of a pinsa. I am drooling just thinking about this and still have to bring Luca here because it’s a great place to grab a quick and tasty lunch. A big plus is that it’s a stone’s throw from Come il Latte!

Via Flavia 98
Tel: 06 42020924

3. Riva Reno – Gelateria

It’s not Il Gelato which is my sister’s favorite gelateria but Riva Reno is closer to home and will satisfy the gelato craving momentarily.  There have some interesting flavors and since it’s located near the bus stop, you can make a quick run here instead of idly waiting for the bus.

Via Magna Grecia, 25
Tel: 06 77590302

4. Coromandel – Favorite Breakfast Place

This is one of my favorite breakfast places as I love the french toast here. However, the last time I was there it was a touch too soggy for me. Service has also suffered a bit but I am willing to go back another time to try their cakes…yes, I have a serious sweet tooth! In case you are wondering, they are also open for lunch and dinner.

Via di Monte Giordano 60 / 61, Roma
Tel: 06 68802461

5. Metamorfosi – Michelin-star restaurant

Places to Eat in Rome - Metamorfosi

Michelin-star restaurant

If there is a place you have to pick to celebrate a special occasion in Rome, Metamorfosi should be on the shortlist. Food was no doubt outstanding, dishes were work of art and service was phenomenal. They were recently awarded a Michelin-star and rightly so. It will be an unforgettable dining experience.

Via Giovanni Antonelli, 30/32
Tel: 06 8076839

6. Romeo – Restaurant / Deli

Recently opened and coined “Baker & Chef” is the result of the collaboration between Cristina Bowerman, her partner Fabio Spada and the Roscioli brothers.  If you are familiar with those names, you’d know that you will not get less than the best here and the decor is stunning!

Places to eat in Rome - Romeo

Very cool and modern deco

 I had lunch here last week and savored every bite.  The service was excellent and the dessert I had is still on my mind!  Though it can be a pricey lunch, it’s one of those experiences that is worth it.

Via Silla 26/a
Tel: (+39) 06 32 110 120

7. Zia Rosetta – Panini

In a tight space, the bicycle outside helps you spot the place.  It’s a charming place and they offer different types of fillings inside a rosetta, rose-shaped crusty roll that is hollow inside.  They also offer salads and fruit smoothies which are refreshing and healthy!  As I have mentioned, it’s tights but there are a few bar stools to have seat to enjoy a quick lunch

Via Urbana 54
Tel: 06 31052516

8. Gaudeo – Panini

A few minutes walk from Zia Rosetta, you’ll find yet another panino place.  However, it’s not just any paninoteca! They use organic kamut bread and some interesting fillings. On the website, the prices listed look a bit steep but when I was there, they had Specials of the Day and you could easily get a regular panino (Classico) for less than €5.  If you aren’t too hungry, they have mini ones (mignon).

Places to Eat in Rome - Gaudeo

Friendly staff and excellent panini

Staff here were extremely courteous and took the time to describe every sandwich combination they had in the display.  Again, this is not a huge place and there are some seats to have your panino indoors especially if it is rainy and cold.  When we were about to leave, they even took time to ask if everything was ok and if we enjoyed the panini.  Now that’s service you don’t often see in Rome.

Via del Boschetto, 112
Tel: 06 98183689

9. Panificio Bonci – Bread and Pizza

Places to Eat in Rome - Panificio Bonci

Spoilt for choice!

I was thrilled that this was one of the stops on the food tour with Tavole Romane. The pizza bianca here was fabulous! My sister sure knows about Bonci and even if it may not be the easiest place to get to, it would not take much convincing for her to drop by.

via Trionfale 34/36
Tel: 06 39734457

10. Eataly – All under one roof

You’d think that stepping inside Eataly you’ll find yourself  in a place feels like Italy but in my opinion, it feels more like a store you would find in Tokyo or Hong Kong. Nonetheless, it’s worth the experience and a great place to be on a rainy day. Everything under one roof and you could easily spend the day here.

Air Terminal Ostiense
Piazzale XII Ottobre 1492
Tel. +39 06 90279201

11. Salotto Culinario – Restaurant

This is one restaurant that I have been eyeing for some time but located outside the historic center, I have been hesitant to head there. I’ve heard very positive feedback and would definitely like to go there together with my sister. Instead of a menu which is categorized by appetizers, primi and secondi, they have inverted it. Their menu is listed by seafood, meat and vegetables and then subdivided into appetizers etc.

Via Tuscolana, 1197/1201
Tel. +

12. Cesare al Casaletto – Roman trattoria

All I can say is that if the food gurus in Rome think that this place is awesome then it is. Katie says it’s the perfect Roman trattoria and for Elizabeth it’s her new favorite restaurant. You really can’t go wrong!

Via del Casaletto 45
Tel: +06 536015

13. 2Periodico Cafe – Breakfast / Tea

Places to Eat in Rome - 2Periodico Cafe

Great place to grab a coffee and a cake

A minute’s walk from Gaudeo, this would be the place to get a coffee or dessert after the panino.  Its unique setting and the cakes as well as cookies (the lavender ones have such lovely fragrant) here are what’s got me coming back.

Via Leonina 77
Tel: 06 48906600

14. Splendor Parthenopes – Restaurant

I’ve put this on the list because it’s close to where I work and also because they their speciality is food from Campania. I’ve walked by the place which looks elegant but have heard they still have to get things together. Hopefully, that will happen by the time my sister gets here.  I am especially keen to try some of their desserts like caprese and pastiera.

via Vittoria Colonna 32/c,
Tel: 06 6833710

15. Ginger – Healthy and Quick Bite

Places to Eat in Rome - Ginger

Healthy options

My sister-in-law works around the corner and wasn’t even aware of Ginger. I met her at here for lunch one day while finishing up Christmas shopping and she loved it. They have an extensive menu and with an all-white decor with displays of fruits and prosciutto, you couldn’t help but feel you’ll be eating healthier. The only caution is that because of its ideal location, it is often crowded and the staff apparently has problems handling the volume.

Via Borgognona 43/44
Tel: 06 96036390

16. Hamburgeseria – Quick Bite

On my sister’s last visit, we went to Open Baladin for a veggie burger and to-die-for chips.  In the vicinity of Piazza Navona, a new hamburger joint has opened up which also has veggie burger on their menu. What’s awesome is that you can choose your own toppings. I had lunch here with Gillian and didn’t need much convincing after reading her post. And yes, the cheesecake was excellent.

Via del Teatro del Pace 35/37
Tel: 06 68802918 or 06 44701298

17. SAID – Chocolate

As my sister has the tendency to buy chocolates as gifts, I am sure she will find a few things here to pick up. I’ve never been to SAID before though I have heard about them. It wasn’t until recently when there was some discussion among Rome bloggers about meeting up here that it came to mind again. A real shame that I still haven’t stepped into this place but that will be made right soon.

Via Tiburtina 135
Tel: 06 4469204


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  1. I love SAID! It’s a great place, both for hot chocolate and chocolate cakes/sweets! It’s great to hang-out their with friends drinking one of their ever-so-thick cioccolato fondente! Great list, I’ll have to check out some of the other places the next time I’m in Rome!

  2. What a great list and full of variety too! If you had to narrow it down to top 3 must for you, what would it be from this list?

  3. Great list, although I’m going with Riva Reno as my preferred gelateria, no matter where I am in the city. I like that their gelato is not quite as cold as gelato normally is, which I think is one of their secrets. The pistacchio is my favorite but I often have the ricotta e fichi also.

    • Hi Rick interesting point about the temperature. I will take note of how cold their gelato is the next time I am there. Love pistacchio too!

  4. Wonderful list! Wish we’d had this list for our trip to Rome last April! Oh well, now we’ll just have to visit again to try these places for ourselves! Thanks for sharing!

    • Hi Deborah, you’ll need to plan another trip back soon! There’s just too much to see and do in Rome in one trip!

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