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September in Positano

September in Positano, ItalyThis summer, we didn’t get to visit Positano and as it has been a while since we were last here, we decided to drive down this past weekend.

I think we made the right decision to come to  Positano in September as the beaches were pretty deserted but the water still warm enough for a swim.  It’s really the perfect time!

There were still a good number tourists around town and little did we know that was a Festa del Pesce taking place on Fornillo Beach that Saturday evening. The town was still buzzing but definitely not crowded compared to August.

You could find parking just outside the town if you wanted to save on parking fees but we decided at the end to park in the garage. The cost of parking is €20 per day, a bit steep but that’s the price you pay for convenience in Positano.  It’s already a touch cheaper since it’s the end of summer.

While I have covered some details about the beaches in Positano, there is an update.  The fee for the Spiaggia Grande is €12.50 to have a sunbed and use of facilities.  You do get a better view of the town while on this beach.

If you choose to go over to Fornillo Beach and are lazy to walk there, there is a boat shuttle that runs from 10am to 1pm and 4pm to 6pm from one of the establishments there. The shuttle is free.  If you are not sure which boat to take, just ask.  Everyone in Positano speaks English!

Honestly, the walk to Fornillo isn’t that long and is pleasant. The only “tough” part is the last stretch where there are stairs going to the beach.

Positano: Shuttle to Fornillo Beach

Where to wait for the boat shuttle to Fornillo Beach

Shopping in Positano

While most tourists head to Positano for the beaches, there is also a surprise that awaits those who love shopping.  And with summer coming to an end, you can get some pretty good bargains.

There is a dizzying selection of shops while walking to the Spiaggia Grande  from Via dei Mulini. Here is a video of the walk. The clothes here are typical of Positano and called Positano Fashion.  If you happen to have a less-than-perfect day for the beach, then hit the shops!

Shopping in Positano: Positano Style Clothes

Another typical item you can get in Positano are handmade slippers.  You choose the style and it’s made on the spot.  They costs about €50-60 and if you think that’s a lot, welcome to Positano.  Things here tend to be on the expensive end.

I have several pairs myself and been asked if these slippers were comfortable. I will tell you they are only meant for short distances.  These are not what you want on your feet if you plan on doing a walking tour that lasts several hours.

Shopping in Positano - Shoes

And don’t forget the ceramics.  I love Vietri ceramics but this time around, I didn’t get the chance to add to my collection.

Shopping in Positano: Ceramics

If you are planning on buying some gifts for friends, what about a bottle of limoncello?  It’s more difficult to carry but your friends will sure appreciate this genuine souvenir from Positano.

Shopping in Positano: Limoncello

Important Travel Tip for Positano

If you have done research on Positano, you know it all about stairs.  Cars do not have access to the beaches and that’s the beauty (and price) of this town.

Stairs in Positano

I strongly advice you to travel light. It maybe a real challenge to do so (it is for me) but it’s much better than having to deal with lugging around heavy bags. We have had friends who now know that when we say “Please travel light”, we really do mean that.

Porter Service in Positano

Alternatively, you can always use one of the porter services available but I am not sure how much they charge.  Just keep in mind that you pay for convenience in Positano.

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  1. Ooh! Those slippers look so comfortable! I’ve only ever bought Hawaianas, but I love the ones you share in your photo — those are more appropriate for all occasions. Although I’d hate climbing tons of stairs with those. =P I already have a bad habit of dragging my feet, so my slippers would flip and flop all the way up and down. =P

    • Hi Sam,

      The slippers are perfect for many occasions and although the look comfortable, it’s not for long walks :) When I am in Positano, I would use Hawaianas as they are more comfortable – you have to be especially with all those stairs!

      Hope you are well and thanks for dropping by.

  2. Don’t forget the $4-$5 euros for a Coke! Cheaper to drink wine, which is fine with me! :)

    • Hi Holly, thanks for bringing that up and a good reminder that you should be ready to be shocked by prices :)

  3. Porters charge Euro 7.00 per bag!

    • Hi Nicki, thanks for sharing this info. That’s why we always tell friends to pack light but they never get it until they see the stairs! :)

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