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Our Positano House

I always enjoy spending time in our Positano house but as we are often away during summer, it’s underutilized.

This summer, as we are away, we decided to rent out our Positano house.  As Positano does cater to celebrities, many people think that it is too expensive for them to vacation there.  It’s not necessary the case and I have written a post about it here.

Details of Our Positano House


When it comes to location, I frankly think our house has the best location.  There are no other houses in front of it and you have a complete view of the sea. It’s also not too many stairs to climb to get to the main street and you are in-between the two beaches in Positano (Main Beach and Fornillo).

Our Positano House - View from the sea

View from the Terrace

As there are no houses in front of our house, check out the view from our terrace.  It’s always a treat to wake up to such a view.

It’s a 2-bedroom house

With a bathroom that has a shower.  It’s perfect for a four people but if necessary the sofa in the living room can also be turned into a bed for two.

Positano House - Living Area


There is small kitchenette with an oven in our Positano house.  There is no dishwasher so at times, we will just use paper plates!

Also, there is no dryer but since it’s summer, just putting your clothes on the terrace will get it dried in no time.  There is obviously, a washing machine available for your use.

More information on our Positano House

If you are interested and would like more information, please visit this website for more pictures on our Positano house.  Alternatively, if you can contact us via email at or +39 347 6037409.

Even if you are not planning to rent our Positano house, I hope you have enjoyed the tour and the view it offers!

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  1. What a wonderful terrace and view. A definite mood enhancer. What a pity it is under utilised. I think I’d want to stay there forever.

  2. I love your home and it’s location. I wish I was there taking photos from your terrace with my camera! Lovely spot. And lucky you!

    ~cath xo
    Twitter @ jonesbabie

  3. mariaclarikovaseven

    I envy you too much! I love the lovely terrace view and everything else! It looks peaceful and serene <3 great place to paint! Thank you for sharing this…I should fill up my piggy bank to get there soon!

  4. Wowee!! What a beautiful place! =) I hope you get more time to vacation there! =) I love the colors both inside and outside of the home!

    • Hi Sam,

      Thanks for your comments! I hope so too. I keep bugging my husband over this but he’s right to say it’s still crowded in August. Hopefully, we will make it there in September even for a short weekend.


  5. Diana, I rented your house a couple of weeks ago and absolutely LOVED it! Thanks for having such a cute apartment with a wonderful terrace! We hope to rent it again next year – just have to start saving my pennies for airfare!!

    • Hi Engred,

      Wonderful to hear that you loved the house! We hope you had a fabulous time in Positano and we’re keeping our fingers crossed for you that those pennies pile up quick enough for a trip over next year :-) A presto!

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