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The other Roscioli in Rome

Ok, my next couple of posts will be about food as my sister will be leaving Rome next week.

While many are familiar with the Roscioli in the center of Rome, there’s another one in Piazza Vittorio which is as good. A few days ago, we were looking for a place to have a very late lunch (3pm) and after unsuccessfully going to a few places (Urbana 47 and Panella), my sister said ‘Hey, aren’t we near Roscioli?” Good thing she remembered and so we headed there.

Hot food at Roscioli, Piazza Vittorio, Rome, Italy

Selection of hot food

Besides having a nice assortment of bread, they also have hot foods. There are simple but really tasty. They even have a ready-made lasagne that you can pop into the oven. I often come here for food but they also sell wines and a variety of items.

Variety of Wines at Rosciolo, Piazza Vittorio Rome Italy

Wine Selection

Similar to the other Roscioli, the man here behind the counter speaks good English. So you should be able to easily get what you ordered. There are a few women staff there too but from what I understood, they don’t speak English.

What did we get? We wanted some pasta or carbs so my sister got pasta with radicchio and speck with  panna. I saw pomodoro con riso (tomatoes stuffed with rice) and immediately knew I wanted that .  It’s been a while since I had it and biting into it, I forgot how tasty it really is.

Pasta with Speck and Radicchio, Roscioli

Pasta with Speck and Radicchio

Pomodoro con Riso, Roscioli, Rome Italy

Tomatoes stuffed with rice

If you are near the Termini area in Rome and want a place where you can have a quick or late lunch, drop by Roscioli. Here’s their address: Via Buonarroti, 48, Rome – Tel 06 4467146

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