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Quick Bites in Rome: Lasagnam

As I have mentioned in previous posts, I am usually on the run at lunch and can only get a quick bite.

So when I first heard about  Lasagnam from some tweeps (people on Twitter), I had thought about checking it out.  However, life gets in the way and got a friendly reminder when I given a flyer while waiting at for the bus at the Colosseum.

For whatever reason, I took a glimpsed at the flyer and it was for Lasagnam.  Therefore, when I was in the area last week, I dropped by to check this Italian “fast-food” place.

Quick Bites in Rome: Lasagnam - Entrance

What was a nice surprise when I got there is that they have a good size dining area that is nicely done and had read that they offer free wifi. The place was busy with a line to order and the dining area was relatively packed.

Quick Bites in Rome: Lasagnam - Dining Area

While waiting for my turn, I heard the staff telling those in front of me that they were out of certain lasagne and it would be a 5-minute wait. That day, I was in a hurry and decided that I would just get whatever was available immediately and ended up with lasagna bolognese.

Quick Bites in Rome: Lasagna - Menu

As you can see from the menu and flyer, they have different combo options too but I had to go a long work day ahead and only ordered the lasagna. Ok, I was eyeing the tiramisu too but with a lot of restraint, I didn’t order it.

 Quick Bites in Rome: Lasagnam - Flyer

The serving portion was acceptable considering it costs only  4.50 euro but quality was barely acceptable. The lasagna had a lot of sauce and cheese – way too much where I didn’t taste much of the pasta at all.  I am not sure if it was just an exceptionally busy day that the quality was compromised.

Quick Bites in Rome: Lasagnam - Portion size

Overall, it is a pretty good concept if the quality was better and at the moment, I am not going to give a final verdict yet. I know it’s a fast-food place and not expecting an exceptional lasagna but at least decent. I hope to have the opportunity to go back again and order a different lasagna (also tiramisu) to see how the quality is the 2nd time around. Naturally, any updates will be posted here.

Quick Bites in Rome: Lasagnam - Address

What do you think about this concept and would you eat at a place like this when in Rome?  If you have been to Lasagnam, what are your thoughts?





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  1. My mom actually learned Lasagne and we love it. I like what my mom makes so much that I can’t come to appreciate it at the restaurant. And we make it a little spicy because we just have to eat spicy – the Indian in us wants to eat spice all the time! :)

    The restaurant looks so welcoming!

    • Hi Hajra, you are sure lucky as you mom knows how to make some of the best dishes. A few weeks ago, I tried making lasagna with pesto and spinach – a vegetarian version which is also very good. As I am no longer stuck at home and trying to make up for those 3 weeks, my schedule is a bit packed. However, I hope to get that post up soon. As for spicy, last weekend, we made curry and I will write a post about that tomorrow!

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