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Favorite Bakery in Rome: Regoli

While I was writing the post on Sicilia e duci, it dawned on me that I have never written a post on my favorite bakery in Rome – Regoli.  Even before we moved to Rome and would be here just for the holidays, we would stop by this bakery.

Favorite Bakery in Rome: Regoli

Along with a few other places that my sister must visit while she is here, this is one of them. Their window display is nothing fancy but the pastries will for sure get your attention.

Favorite Bakery in Rome: Regoli - Window Display

Unlike Sicilia e duci, it’s a simple place but I just love places like this as it has a character of its own.  With just a narrow corridor, this place fills up quickly and sometimes when they decide to do without the number system, it can get quite messy.

Favorite Bakery in Rome: Regoli - Tight Space

You just need to keep an eye on who is after you and ensure they don’t claim to be before you in order to cut the lines.  It has happened before but this place is worth the wait and patience.

My favorites here are the bavarese and the tart with the wild berries.  As for Luca, it’s the chocolate eclair.

Favorite Bakery in Rome: Regoli - Favs

My 7-year old niece also loves this place and one year for her birthday, she specifically requested a cake in the shape of a star filled with cream from this bakery.  If you are looking for the cakes, they are in the fridge at the back.

Favorite Bakery in Rome: Regoli - Cake Section


Via dello Statuto, 60
00185 Roma
Tel:06 4872812

While this bakery in Rome is not in the historic center, it’s easily accessible.  Take Metro A (direction Anagnina) and get off at Vittorio Emanuele.  It’s a short walk from there.

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  1. I am drooling looking at all the yummy pastries and thinking of our favorite bakery, which we left behind in Anchorage, Alaska when I left Alaska….the smells in there and free samples were heavenly…our bags were stuffed with bread we brought home…oh, the memories!

  2. Thanks for a wonderfully informative post! Regoli sounds like a terrific bakery! Grazie!

  3. Hey Diana,

    I have been stalking you on your other website and I miss you so much over there! Please come back 😉

    The pictures look just as delicious. Bakeries are probably my favorite place, more than coffee shops too! That is why I have such a tough time losing weight! 😉

    • Hi Hajra,

      Oh my gosh, I was just thinking about you, Sam and Janine just a few days ago and viola, here you are :) You sure read minds. Sorry for missing in action and thanks for thinking about me. Of course I am coming back. I have always loved your posts :)

      About losing weight, I am trying to be good the next few months because I really went overboard during the holidays hahaha!

      • There’s some good news on Sam’s end! Janine is going through a wonderful de-tox regime! And I was wanting to discuss something with you! Let’s get in touch on Facebook :)

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