Cake and The City

This is the name of a new bakery in Rome which features American desserts. My sister is in Rome and she was craving for carrot cake. As we were in the Prati area, I remember a friend telling me that there’s a new American bakery around there.

New American bakery in Rome

The last time I stopped by there were only open in the afternoon and believe that was a Monday. This time around we found it open and took a few pictures to share them with you. They had carrot and red velvet cupcakes and since my sister was just there for carrot cake, she bought a slice. A slice costs €3 while cupcakes I believe at €2.50.

Variety of Cakes in an American style bakery in Rome

Variety of cakes

I had a small bite of the carrot cake which I have to admit is decent.  I say decent because it’s moist and not too sweet – a big plus for me.  I haven’t had the chance to try the other desserts but it’s a nice small shop which has enough variety to fulfill your cravings for American desserts.

Carrot Cake in an American style bakery in Rome

Here's the carrot cake!

Here are their details:
Via Orazio, 15 – Roma
Tel: 06 32 32 607

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3 Responses

  1. D says:

    Who goes to Rome and craves Carrot Cake?!! Oh right, that would be me.
    Let me caveat that I’ve been living outside the US for a year and have not had carrot cake. So that is why I was craving it. Not like anyone really needed to hear an explanation, but I felt like posting a comment anyways.

  1. November 4, 2011

    [...] been here a few times but usually get my cupcakes and the like from another bakery in Rome called Cake and The City as it’s in the [...]

  2. April 16, 2012

    [...] on the fruity side, go for the Carrot Cake. It’s first on my Carrot Cake list comparing it to Cake in the City and The Perfect Bun. Carrot [...]

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