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Learning to make Brioche Veneziana

As my sister is in town for the next few weeks, she will be writing a few guest posts on BrowsingRome.  We will be checking out a few new places to eat as well as her old time favorites.

Here’s her first guest post.


I’ll be doing a few guest posts during my two weeks in Rome and am delighted that it’s my turn to be Browsing Rome too! From my viewpoint as a visitor or novice baker, hope you all enjoy reading and find some of my tips helpful.

As a novice (or sometimes disastrous) baker and unlike the masterful BrowsingRome, I asked her to teach me how to make brioche veneziana following her brioche recipe. The true test is if I can make brioche then anyone can.

My First Tip: Learn how to knead dough. You don’t have to do a lot of kneading because eventually we used the mixer with a dough hook. However, there is still kneading involved.

Yes, I told you I’m a novice and had no clue how to knead dough correctly. It’s important if you want to ensure the dough rises properly, which leads to my second tip.

Learning how to make brioche veneziana - Dough

My Second Tip: Make sure you have about 3hrs to spare! Plus you’re not jetlagged, falling asleep and recovering from Easter lunch.

Learning to make brioche veneziana - End results

End result: I’m pleased to announce my brioche was not a disaster or hard as a rock or in flames, which are some of the end results of my previous baking attempt

Learning to make brioche - Fire

However, it was a bit doughy because the dough didn’t rise properly and not because of the first tip, but because of the second tip. We didn’t allow it to rise long enough as I was falling asleep and just wanted to be done with it!

End feeling: I will definitely attempt this on my own perhaps on a lazy Sunday when I can allocate a good 3-4hrs.

Then I’ll have fresh brioche for Sunday afternoon tea as well as a snack to bring into work on Monday. Overall it’s really easy to make, just that it requires a lot of waiting time.

Learning to make brioche veneziana - Final thoughts

My Last Tip: I’m thinking to skip the pastry cream and powdered sugar as it’ll still make tasty rolls. Then I can spread peanut butter over it. I love peanut butter. I know it’s not very Italian.


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