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Easy Italian Appetizer: Baked Lemon filled with Mozzarella

This week I met up with my friend Gillian who had just returned from a trip to the Amalfi Coast. Loving Amalfi lemons as much as I do, Gillian mentioned that while she was there, she made an easy Italian appetizer from Jamie Oliver’s book “Jamie’s Italy” using Amalfi lemons. Thanks again, Gillian.

Easy Italian Appetizer - Baked Amalfi Lemons

Due to my obsession with Amalfi lemons, I obviously had to try this recipe despite my hesitation to turn on the oven in this heat – yes, it’s hot again.  For this recipe, you will see that you don’t need to be precise – guesstimate and according to your taste work fine.

Serving this appetizer in the lemon itself makes it presentable and perfect when hosting guests. You are sure to impress!

Easy Italian Appetizer  Recipe – Step by Step


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  1. I take it this is fior di latte mozzarella and not bufala? For some reason, I expected the flesh of the lemons to be used. But I guess it would become too lemony (even if those lemons are sweet).

    • Hi Nathalie, yes it’s fior di latte. Glad you asked! I think you could experiment quite a bit with this dish and if you love tangy, I am sure you could use some of the pulp though all of it maybe overpowering. Now you have given me some food for thought :)

  2. we tried all kinds of combos. buffala mozzarella, fresh tomatoes, sundried tomatoes, marinated anchovies, salted anchovies. all of them were delicious.

    • It sounds like a recipe that you can get creative with and not go wrong! More experimenting when I make this in the future. Thanks again for the great idea.

  3. Wow! Never heard of it ( And I’m Italian!!!) . I’ll try it as soon as possible…seems delicious!

    • Hi Elisa, I personally don’t think it’s a traditional recipe but more a creative one. However, I am not complaining as it’s really good!

  4. Our lemons here are smaller will experiment with the small lemons and see how it works: wonder if it could also work to experiment with grapefruit or orange?

    • I think this recipe is open for experimentation. Can’t really see what will go wrong as it’s a matter of personal taste. Let me know how it goes.

  5. I am American but live half of the year in Siena, Italy. I have been making this recipe as an appetizer for seven years, for both my American and Italian amici. Please note it should be served with good bread toasted on your stove top grill pr BBQ. They all love it, particularly in the summer. Pair with a nicely roasted chicken stuffed with herbs and fresh garlic, rosemary potatoes and a lively salad and you have the perfect summer meal. The Amalfi lemons are far superior to the rather flaccid lemons available in the U.S. ; they lift this simple little dish to new heights. The cow milk mozzarella has less liquid than the buffala so it works better in the recipe.


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