More great places to eat in Rome

Pizza al taglio and suppli from Pizzarium

Just this past week I’ve come across a handful of great posts on places to eat in Rome, and would like to share them with you in case you have missed them The first post I came across was from Tavole Romane titled “The Untouchables” where they list not 10 or 20 or even 30 […]

24 Hours in the Cinque Terre

Manarola in the Cinque Terre

I have never been to the Cinque Terre before this trip and have always heard how it’s very similar to the Amalfi Coast. As we are very familiar with the Amalfi Coast, I was keen to visit the Cinque Terre only to see if it is that similar. With plans to stop one night half […]

A week’s worth of eating out in Rome

Places to eat Rome - Osteria Fernanda - Calamari

After my sister had sent me the details of her flight itinerary to Rome, the next email I got was an itinerary of new of places she would like to check out from the 17 places I had suggested. With slightly more than a week in Rome, it was a tight schedule especially as dinners […]

17 Places to Eat in Rome – List for my sister

Places to eat in Rome - Romeo

My sister has been contemplating a visit to Rome and with many new exciting places that have just opened up, here’s another list of 17 places that she may want to check out when she is in town next. Not all are “new” openings but the list includes places which are new to me. They […]

You Don’t Have to be the Zuckerbergs to visit Rome

Don't Have To Be the Zuckerbergs to visit Rome - Receipts

As all you may have heard, the Zuckerbergs were in Rome for their honeymoon last weekend but you don’t have to be a billionaire to visit Rome. There are plenty of options available here in the Eternal City that regardless of your budget, you will still get the most out of vacation. Here are some […]

Lunch Meetups in Rome

Lunches in Rome - Image

It always fun to have lunch meetups with friends on Twitter especially if it’s the first time you are meeting in person. This week, as most of my students have taken their exams, I had the opportunity to have two lunch meetups with bloggers who happened to be in Rome. That’s one of the best things […]

L’Arcangelo: Gnocchi Thursday

L'Arcangelo: Gnocchi

This post on L’Arcangelo was written by my sister who was here on a two-week vacation last month and would like to share her experiences on BrowsingRome. “It’s Thursday” my sister reminded me but as I was on vacation, days don’t really matter.  “It’s Thursday, gnocchi Thursday – let’s head to l’Arcangelo” she added the […]

My Favorite Lunch Place: L’Asino D’Oro

L'Asino D'Oro - 2nd Menu

I brought my sister to L’Asino D’Oro and she absolutely loves this place. Here’s her take on it. It’s perfect for me! I no longer consume large portions so the portion-size here were perfect! Although I would agree they would probably be too small for some, it’s lunch and you don’t want to go back […]

Carbonara at Da Danilo


We finally had the carbonara at Da Danilo!  I have been patiently waiting for my sister to get to Rome to finally taste the well-written about Carbonara from Da Danilo which I included in the list of 10 places we would check out while she is here in town. So how did it fair?  Here […]

Lunch at Porto Corallo

Lunch at Porto Corallo: Moscardini Fritti

This post on Lunch at Porto Corallo is a guest post from my sister who is in town for a few weeks.  She will be writing most of the posts here while she is in Rome. —- Firstly, I never get the name right and more often than not, I call it Porto Corolla as […]

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