24 Hours in the Cinque Terre

Manarola in the Cinque Terre

I have never been to the Cinque Terre before this trip and have always heard how it’s very similar to the Amalfi Coast. As we are very familiar with the Amalfi Coast, I was keen to visit the Cinque Terre only to see if it is that similar. With plans to stop one night half […]

More Options Than You Think – From Rome to Amalfi Coast

Rome to Amalfi Coast - Signs

Last month when Gillian told me that she would be taking the bus from Rome to the Amalfi Coast, it sure got my attention. I usually only go to Positano with Luca by car and had never thought of alternatives as they seem too complicated. I was keen to hear about Gillian’s experience because if […]

Easy Italian Appetizer: Baked Lemon filled with Mozzarella

Easy Italian Appetizer - Baked Amalfi Lemons

This week I met up with my friend Gillian who had just returned from a trip to the Amalfi Coast. Loving Amalfi lemons as much as I do, Gillian mentioned that while she was there, she made an easy Italian appetizer from Jamie Oliver’s book “Jamie’s Italy” using Amalfi lemons. Thanks again, Gillian. Due to my […]

Simple Pasta Recipe: Tagliolini al Limone

Simple pasta recipe - Tagliolini al Limone - Fresh Pasta - Tagliolini

Confession. I love lemons and everything with lemons. While my favorite lemon recipe last summer was the Crostata con Crema al Limone (Lemon Tart), this year I was looking for a new lemon related recipe. And I found one. A simple pasta recipe – tagliolini al limone. Please allow me to digress for a second. […]

Positano is always stunning

Walk to Fornillo, Positano, Italy - Featured

No matter how many times I have been to Positano, I always find it stunning.  Whether it’s cliff-hanging views, charming streets, houses of the cliffs, shades of the water, huge lemons, or the combination of it all, Positano just impresses me. While I have written several posts on Positano ranging from Why I love Positano to the Festa […]

Fav Bites in Positano


On the trip to Positano last weekend, there were a few things on my mind that I wanted to make sure I had.  They weren’t even dishes but more like bites and two out of three were for those who have a sweet tooth. Bites in and near Positano 1.  Pane Casatiello and Saltimbocca On […]

Festa del Pesce in Positano


When we got to Positano last Thursday, there were posters everywhere about the Festa del Pesce which would take place that Saturday evening on Fornillo Beach. We didn’t come to Positano specifically for this and didn’t know about it at all.  From what I had heard, some did come to Positano that weekend just for […]

September in Positano

September in Positano, Italy

This summer, we didn’t get to visit Positano and as it has been a while since we were last here, we decided to drive down this past weekend. I think we made the right decision to come to  Positano in September as the beaches were pretty deserted but the water still warm enough for a […]

Our Positano House


I always enjoy spending time in our Positano house but as we are often away during summer, it’s underutilized. This summer, as we are away, we decided to rent out our Positano house.  As Positano does cater to celebrities, many people think that it is too expensive for them to vacation there.  It’s not necessary […]

I Love Positano, Italy

Positano, Italy - Spectacular

Positano, Italy is one of my favorite places to spend summer. Before I share with you more about this spectacular town on the Amalfi Coast, the first time I had heard of Positano was in the movie Only You. The breathe-taking scenes from that movie from this town on the Amalfi Coast made me promise […]

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