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This is not the usual kind of tour most visitors to Rome would join. After all, our meeting point was the non-Catholic cemetery in Rome. I’ve briefly been to this cemetery before and while it is one of the prettiest cemeteries I have ever seen, cemeteries are not usually a place I tend to wander […]

5 “Cool” Things to do in Rome in Summer

Things to do in Rome in summer

Summer is in full swing and like every year, there is a plethora of  ”cool” things to do in Rome after the sun sets. For visitors who agonize over how to squeeze in as many attractions as possible during their visit, here’s good news – some of the major attractions in Rome are also open […]

Need a mini-break from Rome? Check out these day trips

Day trips from Rome - Villa Adriana

Last Sunday, after weeks of dreary, cold and wet weather, the sun finally made an appearance! I was beyond ecstatic and scrambled to make last-minute plans for a day trip from Rome. Having already scraped plans for several weekends due to the weather, I was determined to head outdoors and looked forward to a much […]

In the neighborhood: Scala Santa

Things to do in Rome, Italy - Scala Santa - Sancta Sanctorum

You know you live in Rome when you are so spoilt for choice with the many stunning attractions in and around the city that those in the neighborhood tend to be put off for “another” day.  That day is never tomorrow or even next week and if you are lucky, it will be in a […]

Day trip to the stunning town of Civita di Bagnoregio

Civita di Bagnoregio - Featured

As striking as photos are of Civita di Bagnoregio, they don’t do this place justice. Catching a glimpse of this jaw-dropping town in person is an overwhelming and awe-inspiring moment that is difficult to describe in words. Founded by the Etruscans and dating back 2,500 years ago, Civita di Bagnoregio is today desperately clinging to its […]

Hidden Gems in Lazio

Hidden gems in Lazio - Villa Lante Bagnaia

Lately, I’ve had the opportunity to explore more of the Lazio region and while Rome has plenty of amazing gems, the region has stunning places that are absolutely worth a visit. Off the beaten path, you often have these places to yourself. One pleasant Saturday in November, we visited Palazzo Farnese in Caprarola and Villa […]

Living and Digging History

Via dei Fori Imperiali - Rome, Italy

I was no history buff. History was a subject I had to study in school – full stop. While I found it interesting, it never got much of my attention. It was only when I moved to Rome that history took on a whole different perspective. How can it not when I found myself coming […]

Christmas Box and Legend of the Panettone

Christmas Box: Annual Gift from Companies to Staff

Every year, my husband gets a Christmas box filled with goodies for the holidays as a present from his company.  Each year, I eagerly look forward to see what we will get. I know this is a tradition in some other companies too and have heard complaints from others that their Christmas box is getting […]

Happy Birthday Rome!

happy birthday rome

Rome may be called The Eternal City, but each year on April 21 Romans celebrate the birthday of their spectacular city. Il Natale di Roma, or the Birth of Rome, is a special time of year to travel to Rome and join in the celebrations honouring the city’s glorious history. Rome is a city where […]

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