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Shopping in Rome – Via del Corso

Rome shopping - Via del Corso

Via del Corso

People who come to Rome are very familiar with Via dei Condotti as many famous brands have their retail shops  located here.  However, besides the branded goods, there are many other places to shop which offer quality products.  Very close to Via dei Condotti you will find many shops along Via del Corso.

Via del Corso is the longest and straightest of Rome’s roads and is considered the one of main high street shopping districts. Lined with grand buildings, luxury hotels and shops, it is an impressive side to this historic and ancient city.

Many meandering alleys and small piazzas deviate off this main street and are a pleasure to explore. Although it is wider than most streets in Rome, it barely contains the two lanes of traffic with narrow sidewalks. Fortunately the northern end is a pedestrianized zone.

Rome shopping - Walking along Via del Corso

Shop until you drop...

Via del Corso has always been one of the main routes through the city which all radiate off the Piazza del Popolo, once one of the three main gateways into the city. The street runs for 1.5km down to the Piazza Venezia, another major sight. Other attractions near the Corso include the Spanish Steps, the Pantheon, Fontana di Trevi, Il Vittoriano and the Roman Forum.

Besides the fact that there are many Rome attractions close to this route, you could literally spend the whole day just walking down this stretch as there are so many shops to browse in.  That’s why I have always said that just a few days in Rome isn’t sufficient for you to see the sights, enjoy the food and do some shopping.

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