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Living and Digging History

I was no history buff. History was a subject I had to study in school – full stop. While I found it interesting, it never got much of my attention. It was only when I moved to Rome that history took on a whole different perspective.

How can it not when I found myself coming face to face with history. It was like I had literally stepped into one of my history textbooks and that’s when I started taking an interest.

Via dei Fori Imperiali - Rome, Italy

Via dei Fori Imperiali

In Rome, living and breathing history is inevitable in a city that dates back 2800 years. Undoubtedly, the rich historical heritage is what attracts the millions of visitors to Rome each year. Walking through the streets of Rome, admiring the spectacular monuments and archaeological sites together with the fascinating stories about Ancient Rome can only leave you with thirst to learn more about its complex history.

Roman Forum - Rome, Italy

Roman Forum

Not surprisingly, when I heard about the campaign to fund a one-hour video project called Digging History it piqued my curiosity. The idea for a free-for all educational video covering topics such as art, archaeology, architecture, sustainability, religion, politics and more will showcase the treasures of Rome, both renowned and hidden, in an engaging and educational way.

As history is complex and can at times be difficult to understand, one of the aims of this production is to present Rome’s incredible heritage in a way that is easy to follow, interesting, fun and exciting.

Colosseum: Rome, Italy

Impressive Colosseum

The video will be presented by a host of experts of the American Institute of Roman Culture (AIRC) led by Darius Arya, an archaeologist, and in collaboration with a professional photographer and video crew. I have seen the impressive series of videos that AIRC have produced on Ostia Antica and if that is any indication of their professionalism and quality of content, Digging History is going to be a stunning production.

Girl Ostia Antica

Ostia Antica

As you can tell, I am now ‘digging history’ and personally keen to see this production come to reality. Through this video production, I hope many more can be convinced that history is more than just a subject in school. With that, I invite you to learn more about Digging History and hope you too will be part of the team that brings this project to reality.


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