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Why on earth would I be looking at Rome apartment rentals?

Why on earth would I be looking at Rome apartment rentals when I’m already settled in my own cozy home here in Rome?

Before I tell you why, let me share what got me to me writing this post. A challenge – more specifically a challenge for GowithOh. Let me explain.

View of Rome

View of Rome

I have four cousins who are planning to visit me next year and my home, as cozy as it may be, would be bursting at its seam if it were to house 6 adults. It’s doable but far from ideal.

And as GowithOh is running a competition to be a Guest Tester, where winners could win €1000 towards their stay at the apartment of their choice, I decided, instead, to turn the tables and put them up to a challenge.

Fontana di Trevi - Rome, Italy

Fontana di Trevi

I know the city and set several ambitious criteria for the apartment. As it’s my cousins’ first visit to Rome, I want them to have an unforgettable trip and am looking for an apartment that will wow them over.

On top of that, it would be an apartment where I would also enjoy hanging out with them after a long day of sightseeing and shopping. That’s the reason I chose to search for an apartment closer to home. I know that GowithOh also offers apartment rentals in 17 cities across Europe – yes I was tempted – but it would be equally wonderful to check out splendid apartments in the Eternal City.

Alleyway in Rome, Italy

Street scene in Rome

My criteria? The place I was looking for would need to have two rooms and two bathrooms, located in the historic center yet easy to reach by just taking one bus from my home, have an elevator as traveling light is not something they are capable of, Wi-Fi, and since they will be visiting in Spring, a terrace would be what seals the deal.

If you know Rome, having a terrace in the historic center is a luxury but I did say this was a challenge, and I was curious to see if GowithOh had an apartment that would meet all the criteria. So I searched – no terrace – and searched again. This time, I stared in amazement, rubbed my eyes, read with fascination, and knew I had found “the one”.

Yes, that was how fast it took for me to find the ideal apartment that matched all my criteria.

Rome apartment rentals near Pantheon, Rome - GowithOh

Photo credit: GowithOh

This apartment was impressive beyond belief and only 5 minutes from the Pantheon – hopefully on foot. While it may not be near a metro stop – not one of the criteria as I know that would have ruled out the areas around Piazza Navona, Largo Argentina, Campo de’ Fiori, Pantheon and the Ghetto – it’s well-connected by buses and only a short tram-ride to Trastevere.

This 120m² (about 1300ft²) apartment is simply stunning – way beyond what I expected.

Kitchen of an apartment rental near Pantheon - GowithOh

Photo credit: GowithOh

The apartment, situated in a building with an internal courtyard with a fountain, features a well-equipped kitchen, LCD televisions in the living room as well as the bedrooms, high ceilings with exposed beams, bright and airy living areas, and indisputably, the gem is the terrace – not just any terrace but a 35m² (380ft²) one.

I’m not kidding when I tell you that I’m already fantasizing about the evenings we’ll spend enjoying aperitivo on the terrace.

Terrace of an apartment rental near Pantheon, Rome by GowithOh

Photo credit: GowithOh

Despite my criteria, it was such an effortless process to find the ideal apartment and I still can’t believe how fast it took me to find this gem. GowithOh sure stood up to the challenge – hats of to them! Forget about going weak at the knees, I’m head over heels in love with this apartment.

I can only patiently wait, dream and hope that I’ll be chosen as one of the winners. While that would be awesome, the crowning moment has to be seeing this surreal apartment in person! And maybe….just maybe, I’ll invite you over to enjoy an aperitivo with us on the terrace. I can already hear the cincins!

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  1. Thanks a lot for joining Diana & what a nice terrace you’ve found! Best of luck! :)

  2. You better book the apartment already; after you’ve given away the secret, people will be booking it solid thru the year :-)

  3. Wow, Diana, this looks amazing, I would spend days on that terrace! And cincin! Keep my fingers crossed for you!

    • Thanks Barbara! And if you are around when we have the apartment, you’d definitely be invited to join me :-)

  4. This looks fabulous! Well done you

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