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More great places to eat in Rome

Just this past week I’ve come across a handful of great posts on places to eat in Rome, and would like to share them with you in case you have missed them

The first post I came across was from Tavole Romane titled “The Untouchables” where they list not 10 or 20 or even 30 places but 99!! If you want to eat well in Rome, and don’t want to be ripped off,  make sure you have this list handy. What makes it even more useful is that it’s broken down into 28 categories ranging from places to have breakfast to where to have seafood to getting the best gelato in town.

Elizabeth Minchilli’s post on Best Pizza in Rome gives you plenty of options for a quick bite by getting a pizza al taglio – she explains what this is in the post – as well as pizzerie where you can sit down and enjoy an entire pizza. Oh and a word of warning: there are plenty of mouth-watering photos on the post which may not be a good thing if you are starving.

Pizza al taglio and suppli from Pizzarium

Pizza al taglio and suppli from Pizzarium

Food truck in Rome? No way! It’s finally here and not just any food truck. Katie Parla gives us the details in her post Romeo Debuts Food Truck at Taste of Roma Festival and prices do sound reasonable.

Finally, my friend Gillian has been doing the rounds. Her first stop was Rosti, in the area of Pigneto, which offers a buffet spread featuring burrata and even freshly baked apple cake. And in her most recent post, she shares another gem, Pastificio in San Lorenzo. These two places are off-the-beaten-path but certainly worth a visit.

With these resources, there is no excuse for you not to eat well in Rome. Do your research, and whether it be street food or fine dining, you’ll have a phenomenal dining experience in Rome.

What other places to eat in Rome would you recommend?

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