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Don’t Miss This Event! Gelato World Tour in Rome

I’ve always said it’s always the right time for gelato! And today,with the sweltering heat, it couldn’t be more perfect of a day to kick-off the Gelato World Tour 2013-2014 which will be headed to 8 cities and 5 continents. Rome is the first leg of the tour and the event takes place from May 3-5 at the striking Pincio Terrace.


At each leg, 16 gelato artisans will be selected to showcase their “masterpiece” and in Rome, there were also free courses and workshop at the Gelato World Tour Village. For more information, here are the details about the event and program in Rome. As you know I can’t resist gelato and after work this afternoon, I just had to drop by. You can get a Gelato Pass for €5 that will give you 4 tastings and if you show your ATAC annual or monthly pass, you will get another one for free.

Gelato World Tour: Gelato Pass - Rome, Italy

Go with friends as each tasting is a generous serving and this will also give you the opportunity to try more flavors. Narrowing down the choice to 5 flavors was a challenge and after reading through the list, here were my 5 tastings.

1. Torta di Mele (Apple tart)

Familiar flavors of the good ol’ apple pie in a gelato with raisins and pine nuts were simple yet an astounding combination.

Gelato World Tour - Rome, Italy: Apple Tart Gelato

2. Cuor di Brontolo (Grumpy’s Heart)

I heart pistachio gelato and couldn’t pass up on this tasting which uses pistachios from Bronte. Of course, I loved it!

Gelato World Tour - Rome, Italy: Pistachio Gelato

3. Fichi al Cioccolata (Chocolate Figs)

I didn’t need to read the description of this gelato and I was sold. Figs and chocolate – enough said.  I could already imagine the flavor and maybe having an expectation was a mistake.

It had a negligible scent of figs and in my opinion, the chocolate was overpowering. I wished they also had some pieces of figs which would have made a difference.

Gelato World Tour - Rome, Italy - Chocolate Figs

As for my last two tastings, I decided to get adventurous – well, just a bit!

4. Sapori Aquilani (Flavors of L’Aquila)

The combination of torrone nougat and saffron got my interest.  While I could imagine the flavors of figs and chocolate, nougat and saffron was inconceivable. Surprisingly I enjoyed this combination and though there was only a hint of saffron, it was a good balance.

Gelato World Tour - Rome, Italy: Sapori Aquilani Gelato

5. Pane e Marmellata (Bread and Jam)

Unique for a gelato wouldn’t you say? They had a choice of fig or apricot jam and I went with figs.  It was delightful with mild and subtle flavors.  If I had the chance to go back, I’d try this flavor again. I thoroughly enjoyed the first few bites but after 4 cups of gelato, I was at my limit!

Gelato World Tour - Rome, Italy: Bread and Jam Gelato

Don’t Miss This Event

This is a fun event and evident from the presence of people of all ages, it is one that everyone will  enjoy.  If you are in Rome, hope you won’t miss it (there’s still Saturday and Sunday!) and if not, check to see if there is Gelato World Tour coming to a city near you soon.

Gelato World Tour - Fun

Don't miss this event!


Saturday 4 and Sunday 5 May from 12.00  to 23.00

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