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Gelato Shop and More on Via della Croce

It’s summer and it should come as no surprise that I am writing a post on yet another gelato shop. Just as I was headed to Piazza della Spagna a few days ago, I got a message on Twitter from Frances Mayes suggesting Venchi. This was in reply to a post I had shared on Gelateria del Teatro and mentioned that a visit was long overdue.

Gelato Shop in Rome - Venchi - External

The timing couldn’t have been more perfect and I was eager to try the gelato from Venchi.  They are well-known for their excellent chocolate and with that in mind, the chocolate gelato here must be outstanding.

Gelato Shop Rome - Venchi - Inside

A confession.  On my way there, I was really tempted to take a detour and head to Il Gelato at Piazza Monte D’Oro for their sorbet. Torn as I was, I continued towards Via della Croce.

Visualizzazione ingrandita della mappa

Located in the middle between Via del Corso and Piazza di Spagna, this chic outlet is very welcoming.  There was a good crowd but nothing like the ones you would see at Fassi.  They don’t offer a wide variety of flavors to the extent of Il Gelato or Fassi but I was here spefically to try their various chocolate flavors.

Gelato Shop Rome - Venchi - Gelato Flavors

Prices here are what you will find in the center, and not exorbitantly high.  I opted for cuore di cacao and for some reason, I was craving caramel and that was the other flavor that I got. No regrets at all!

Gelato Shop in Rome - Venchi - Price List

Aside from gelato, they also have a good selection of chocolate.  Needless to say, this is a chocolate lover’s haven!

Updated  – This afternoon, together with Gillian, we got the lemon sorbet which in my opinion, was not as impressive as the ones from Il Gelato.  I guess, it comes down to the fact their specialty is chocolate.

Gelato Shop Rome - Venchi - Chocolate Lover's Haven

As I was walking towards, Piazza di Spagna, I came across Pompi.  If you are not familiar with Pompi, they are known as “The King of Tiramisu”.  That’s how good their tiramisu is!

Gelato Shop in Rome - Venchi - Nearby is Pompi

There is a Pompi near where I live which is unfortunately always calling out to me. Personally, I think it’s a great idea that they have opened one in the historic center – it just makes it that much easier for visitors to Rome to get a taste of this well-known Italian dessert.

Gelato Shop Rome - Venchi - Gelato in Hand

With the gelato in my hand, I stood at the entrance, undecided as to whether I should enter. Not so much as to get a single portion but to check on the prices here. I was curious to know if prices would be higher due to its location. (Ok, you got me – it had crossed my mind to get a single portion but that would have been excessive, wouldn’t it?)

I love this street – seriously, how can you not when there is also Pastificio that serves great pasta for only €4. Just a few minutes walk from the Spagna Metro stop, you could get easily away with spending less than €10 on lunch – pasta followed by a choice of either gelato or tiramisu (or both) and to top that off,  a beautiful stroll around Piazza di Spagna. That’s as close of a perfect day in Rome!

What other hidden gems do you know around this area that’s worth exploring?

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  1. Wow, very tasty sweet post! And now I really need an ice cream! 😉

    • Hi Elisa, next time you are in Rome, we will head there as well as other gelaterias! Hope you are keeping cool :)

  2. That’s awesome! They have venchi and pompi! Now I can have il gelato, pompi then venchi again as well as I always pick up chocolates from venchi as souvenirs cause they always package their chocolate in cute containers that look very italian so a good “touristy” souvenir.

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