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BR Briefs: Christmas Tree in Piazza Venezia

While going to the center of Rome this evening to catch a movie, we passed by Piazza Venezia and saw the newly replaced Christmas tree all lit up.  There is also the nativity scene.

Christmas Tree in Piazza Venezia, Rome

Nearby, Via del Corso was completely covered with the colors of the Italian flag to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Italy’s reunification.  This gave a sense of patriotism more than the holiday spirit but nonetheless, it was magical.  If you look at the picture above, in the background, you can see a glimpse of the red, white and green.

At the Colosseum, the lights on the Christmas tree are on and simply gorgeous.

Christmas Tree at Colosseum, Rome
Shops and restaurants also add to the spirit of the holidays by brightly decorating their premises.

Shops lit up for Christmas in Rome

Rome by day is beautiful but at night, it’s just another city altogether during this holiday season.

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  1. This is beautiful, I was in this Piazza in summer of 2010, and we sure didn’t see any Christmas trees there or by the Colosseum. Great Pictures!

    • One of the beautiful thing about Rome during the holidays is the decorations around the town. Simply gorgeous at night. Hope you make it here once during the holidays!

  2. When I went to the Colosseum with my family in 2010, we were there around Christmas time, and there were no trees on the side that we were on. Maybe that tree is new? Were these taken this year, in 2011?

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