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Authentic Japanese Restaurants in Rome

Yes! I have found good authentic Japanese restaurants in Rome. I love Japanese food but when I first moved to Rome and craved for Japanese food, I found there were mainly Chinese restaurants masquerading as Japanese restaurants.

How do I know?  Well, my knowledge of Mandarin is limited but when I step into a ‘Japanese’ restaurant and understand that they are speaking Mandarin, I already know the food is going to be disappointing.

I have found 3 Japanese restaurants in Rome which I honestly find authentic.  One is Zen Sushi in Prati, Hamasei in the center and Sushisen in Piramide.

Via Giuseppe Giulietti, 21
00154 Rome, Italy
06 5756945

Zen Sushi
Via degli Scipioni, 243
00192 Rome, Italy
06 3213420

Via della Mercede, 35
00187 Rome, Italy
066 792134

Last month, we brought my 6-year old niece to Sushisen for her to experience the environment of a Japanese restaurant with the sushi bar.

As you can’t book seats by the conveyor belt we arrived at 7.45pm.  At that time there were still seats available and took a seat first while we waited for my niece and her parents.

Unfortunately, they were running late and the people at the restaurant were not happy that they couldn’t fill the seats.  I totally understand but it’s not like there’s going to be a no-show and we are still holding the place.

They were going to show up and eat as well! If you are planning to have a peaceful dinner, I recommend you head there early and leave before the crowd hits. This Japanese restaurant in Rome is very popular so make sure you book a table if you don’t mind not being by the conveyor belt.

The food here is good and there is a wide selection.  Much to our disappointment though, they don’t have chawanmushi but their present range makes up for that.

Below are a few of the things we had. We definitely had a good dinner and my niece enjoyed her first experience in a Japanese restaurant.  I will say it’s not a cheap dinner out and it’s definitely a real treat!  Enjoy the pictures.

This green tea panna cotta was really good!  For dessert, I always get their rice mochi with red beans but my sister wanted to try this out.  It’s very refreshing!

Green Tea Panna Cotta at Sushisen, Rome, Italy

Green Tea Panna Cotta

Sushi in Rome, Italy

This was good!

Salmon Hand Roll, Sushisen, Rome, Italy

Nice chunks of salmon

Salmon with Caviar, Sushisen, Rome, Italy

Delicious combination

Scallops, Sushisen, Rome, Italy

Simple but tasty

Japanese food, Sushisen, Rome, Italy

Light and refreshing

I am hungry just looking at these pictures!  Well, if you want to have something other than Italian food, check out these three Japanese restaurants in Rome.

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What other Japanese restaurants in Rome have you been to that you would recommend? I look forward to your comments below.

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