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Weather in Rome: White start to February

The pounding was intense and I had no doubt that outside, a hailstorm was raging. I didn’t think much of it as we’ve had hailstorms in the past that are usually short-lived and non-eventful. What was a huge surprise was when I looked out the window to a rare sight this morning: the entire neighborhood blanketed in white by what looks like snow, but is instead hail.

While winter has been slow to come, we’ve had some erratic weather with some beautiful sunny days, followed by a week of rain and, this morning the hailstorm. Shortly after, blue skies came through and this evening, as I write this post, I hear another round of pounding outside – another hailstorm and the neighborhood is, again, covered in white.

Here’s what it looked like in the neighborhood this morning.

Weather in Rome: Street all white |

All quiet and white

Weather in Rome: Playground in white |

Patches of white

Weather in Rome: Hail on the ground |

It’s hail alright

Weather in Rome: Footprints |

Someone was out….

Weather in Rome: Car covered in hail |

All covered

Weather in Rome: All dressed up |

Dressed for this weather

Weather in Rome: Playing with hail |

Someone’s having fun

Here are more photos of the hailstorm in Rome. The forecast tomorrow shows that it should be sunny before enduring another week of rain, and I for one will be making the most a sunny day.

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  1. what a great treat for the children in Rome!

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