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More Snow in Rome?

Yeah it’s unreal that we are expecting more snow in Rome and yesterday, the Mayor had announced that today and Saturday, schools and public offices will be closed. Cars are also obliged to have snow chains on board.

Last weekend, the Mayor of Rome was criticized for being ill-prepared to handle the snowstorm and in turn, he blamed the Head of Civil Protection.  The Mayor claimed that he was not given the correct information as to the amount of snowfall the city would get. I didn’t really follow this controversy but as you can see, there’s a storm brewing there too.

More Snow in Rome: Blanket of Snow

In the middle of this week, while most places in the city were back to normal, there was still some cleaning up to do.   To be honest, we have been fortunate as we had electricity and gas.  And although the supermarkets were running out of a few items, in general, you could find the basic necessities.

More Snow in Rome: Cleaning Up

I have heard that within the Lazio region, some places were without electricity.  A friend mentioned that she knows someone living near Frosinone who just got their electricity back yesterday.  Fortunately, they have a fireplace (and wood) to keep warm. Unfortunately, the forecast says it’s going to snow again!

Anyway, the Mayor says this time around, they are ready for the snowstorm and I guess we will just have to wait and see what happens.  However, this morning, as I made a last minute run to the supermarket, I saw there were already sprinkling salt on the sidewalks.  Could this be evidence of being more prepared?

More Snow in Rome: Salt on Sidewalks

As of this moment, it’s dark and windy outside but still no signs of snow. My brother-in-law says it won’t snow but he’s betting against the odds.  What do you think?

When/If it does snow, this post will obviously be updated.   Let’s see if it will snow in Rome this weekend.

Updated 14.50

It snowed an hour ago but it definitely was not as heavy as last Friday’s.  It didn’t stick to the ground and at this moment, it’s not snowing nor raining.

More snow in Rome: Not much snow

Updated 21.15

It snowed but not much at all compared to last week At this moment, it is only drizzling. However, the news said that they expect a heavy snowfall tonight.  Will we wake up to another snow-covered Rome?

Updated 23.30

Now it’s snowing and sticking to the ground.

More Snow in Rome: Snowing Now at Night

We already have a white blanket of snow. Looks like we will be waking up again to a white Rome.

More Snow in Rome: Blanket of Snow

Tomorrow morning, I hope to share more snow photos of Rome!

Updated: February 11th at 9.20am

Last night it snowed for less than 30 minutes and yes it did snow but not to the extent of what was predicted.  The authorities can’t seem to get it right – they are either ill-prepared for a heavy snowstorm or are overly prepared for a few centimeters of snow.  The mayor again claims the weather reports are not accurate!

More Snow in Rome: Not really

Updated February 11th at 14.00

It’s snowing again and pretty heavy too! At the moment it is not sticking to the ground and the million dollar question is “How long will it snow this time around?”  More updates in a couple of hours.

More Snow in Rome: Coming down heavy!

Updated February 11th at 23.50

I had wanted to update this early but had an emergency babysitting request.  As for how long it snowed, it went on for almost two hours.  However, I had heard from friends that it only snowed for about 5 minutes in their neighborhood.

More Snow in Rome: Blanket of White

This evening coming back from babysitting, I have never seen the streets of Rome this quiet on a Saturday evening at 11pm.  It felt more like 4am on a weekday.  It was not snowing but cold (0C but not taking into account the windchill factor).

More Snow in Rome: Streets of Rome are quiet

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