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7 Things I Love About Living In Rome Italy

Having lived here for the past 5 years, I would like to share what I love about living in Rome Italy.  There are in no particular order.

What I Love About Living in Rome Italy

Living in Rome Italy - Piazza Navona1.  Rome is definitely the Eternal City and what I find magical about this city is the history. The attractions are a testament to the glory and grandeur that represents this amazing place.

I live relatively close to the historic center and on weekends when I go for my runs, it feels like running through an open-air museum!

2. Piazzas. I love having my lunch in one of the many spectacular Piazzas and spending time just people watching!  In Spring, the piazzas are filled with tourists and it’s fun to see how they are fascinated by the splendor.  It reminds me how lucky I am to be living in Rome Italy!

3.  Location. In Rome, you are close to beaches, mountains, and lakes.  Tuscany and Umbria are less than 2 hours way by car.  It is so well-connected that many residents leave Rome to get away for the weekend.  We have taken day trips to as far as Positano which is more than 200km (135 miles) South of Rome.

Living In Rome Italy - Italian Food4. Italian food. Well that’s a no-brainer.  All over Italy, you get great food but each region and city has its own speciality – Rome included.

One thing I have learned living in Rome Italy is that Italian food is simple and uses fresh ingredients.  I enjoy cooking and learning new recipes has been fun.

5. Shopping. I am not really into shopping but I am attracted to the displays in the window.  Fashion here is big and some can really be over the top.

However, there is a wide range and some of the clothes here are really nice!  Oh, shoes and especially boots are what I love.

6. Family. Living in Rome Italy means I get the chance to spend time with my nieces.  They range between the ages of 2-6 and are just adorable.  It’s great to be an aunt because you enjoy them for a couple of hours before heading home to recover!

7. Weather. There’s the odd day where it gets very cold but it seldom snows here.  Winters are mild, Spring and Autumn are perfect and when it gets hot and humid in summer, people head to the beaches!

I know people living in Rome Italy who have turned down jobs in Milan or have left Milan precisely because they wanted to be in better weather.  Can’t blame them.

A Reality Check about Living in Rome Italy

While I love living here, there are some challenges.  It’s not always nice and rosy so to give you a balanced perspective, here is a resource that keep things in check.

Video on Things I Love About Living in Rome Italy

Relevant to this post, I thought it would be fun to share a short video I did last year.  I invite you to watch this video on why I love living in Rome Italy.

Over To You

What about Rome do you find most enticing?

If you are living in Rome Italy, please share your experience.

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  1. Hi Diana,
    I am more and more tempted to visit. A while back I was fascinated by Spain, now it’s Italy. Just starting to learn the lingo with a Michel Thomas course! You’ve got yourself a regular visitor, like it lots,

    • Hi Eleanor

      Please do visit and when you do, let me know. It would be great to meet up. I loved Spain myself but got married to an Italian LOL. Glad you will be a regular visitor here and I appreciate you stopping by!

  2. SOLD ME! So… when do you want all of your visitors to come? You sold me when you spoke about running there. That sounds fantastic besides all of the other obvious reasons to live there. Lucky You.

  3. Awe, how I’d love to visit Rome! It looks so beautiful and romantic, oh and of course the food!!!

    Diana, I’m curious are you originally from Rome? I know you have family there and have been living there for 5 years, so how did you end up living there?

    • Hi Rhonda,

      It is romantic here until you have to deal with bureaucracy! Then it can get ugly. There are challenges here and at those times, I do my best to keep a positive attitude and be thankful of the beautiful things the city has to offer.

      I am not originally from Rome. Got married to an Italian and thats why I love your website. We are from very different cultures but communication, patience and understanding where he is coming from help keep our relationship strong :)

      Family refers to my husband’s family and there have been very supportive which made the transition here much easier. To add to that, I love babysitting my twin nieces. They are so full of joy!

  4. Hi Diana
    I have never been to Rome, it is one of those places that have been on my wish list for a while now. Many years ago I did visit Venice for the day when I was on holiday in Padua, which was lovely.

    When you spoke of Positano, there was a film set there, which I watched. The scenery was beautiful and it had a great soundtrack which I gave to friends as a gift. I havent seen it since, might see if I can trace it now.

    Thanks Diana, for giving me a peek into your world.

    • Hi Maureen,

      Thanks for dropping my and leaving a comment. I hope you get the chance to come over. I would love to meet up with you :) Glad you liked Venice. Italy has just so much to offer.

      Which movie are you talking about? I would be interested. There are two that I know of which are “Only You” and “Under The Tuscan Sun”. Is there anyone?

      It’s my pleasure to give you a peek into my world – a nice break from writing about blogging :)

      All the best,

  5. Very nice article, Diana. It makes me want to pack my bags and jump on a plane tomorrow. :)
    Many years ago, I traveled to central and northern Europe with a group of students. The sights were amazing and I will never forget the places that I visited and the people that I met.
    I would love to visit Rome ~ Thank you for the great article and pictures.

    • Hi Janette,

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.

      Europe in general is diverse and filled with many attractions. I am glad you had a good experience on your trip to Europe.

      I hope you do pack and visit Rome. Like I have mentioned to the other commenters, it would be great to meet in person. Maybe we should organize a TLC meet up here! :)

      Many thanks,

  6. Michelle Church

    WOW…That is truly a dream for me and my daughter. I was going to take her for her 30th birthday (now 32) but due to some family issues that never happened. I hope to someday still do that and totally surprise her. You blog post revitalized that putting it out to the Universe…I will take my daughter to Rome in the “near” future! THANKS so much for sharing!

    • Hi Michelle,

      Glad that it revitalized that thought and if you need advice from a “local” feel free to let me know. I am not a travel agent but I am more than happy to help if needed.

      Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment. I hope you will stop by again to read my updates :)

      All the best,

  7. What a beautiful video, Diana! I’ve never been to Rome, but it sure feels like the video captures the essence of the city. I loved all the colors and the upbeat music. =) What a talent you have! You should include some posts on video-editing tips on your coaching blog. =)

    I’m especially loving the idea of piazzas. Eating and people watching are some of my favorite hobbies. =) Hehe!

    • Hi Sam,

      Thanks for the compliments. Can you believe that I made that video a year ago? Those were pictures I took while browsing Rome! I can’t take credit for how great it looks because I used a software on a post on the other blog :) It’s super easy and addictive LOL.

      Love piazzas! I could sit there all day long. I will take a video to give you a sense of the atmosphere at one of my favorite piazzas :)

      Thanks for almost supporting me Sam! I really appreciate it :)

  8. Hi Diana,

    Rome is one of my dream trips and reading and seeing your photos made me be there for a moment. Specially because of how you wrote and the emotion you gave to your words.

    Great post!
    All the best, C U Soon.


    • Hi Marco,

      I hope that dream comes true! I am glad to share a bit of my life here in Rome and thanks for sharing that my words were filled with emotion. I am glad that came through.

      Many thanks for dropping by and leaving your comment!

      All the best,

  9. SOLD!! Love the list of things to love about Italy…when does my plane board?

    • Hi Tambre,

      When do you get here? I’ll be happy to pick you up :)

      Thanks for leaving me a comment here too!

  10. Oh, my. Ooooh, so many thoughts. Oh, how I miss it!

    But that’s pretty silly to say, since I was only in Italy for 6 days! And it was 20 years ago. But I remember almost everything so vividly. I had one of the most memorable experiences of my life while I was there. I was going to mention it here, but hey—I might as well write it for my own blog, right?!

    Thanks, Diana, for the memories. :)

    • Hi Paula,

      Thanks for sharing your comments here. Italy can rub off on you so even just 6 days here can make you miss it. I hope to read your experience in Italy over at your blog.

      All the best,

  11. Ah Roma. My 1st big overseas trip was to Italia, and Roma was the place where I spent the most of my time. I am fortunate to have been back twice since then. I loved the piazzas, architecture, weather, wine, art, history, food, churches…

    Thinking back, the only think that bothered me in my visits to Roma were the litter and the smog. Such a shame to see those stunning buildings covered in scum, and the smoggy air. But then, there are so many cars (and crazy scooter-riders!) and the building are really old!

    • Hi Janine,

      I totally agree with you about the smog and the litter. I have to say it’s a touch cleaner now but what I really dislike is the graffiti on monuments. They really don’t know how to treasure something which has been standing thousand of years!

      I now love old-buildings and the detailed design on them. I am fascinated by them and wish I knew more about architecture.

      Janine, when you are here next, please let me know. It would be great to meet up!

  12. I’ve been to or through Rome several times but only twice to stay for a few days. The things you list are pre tty much what i would have said as well.

    Aspetto giá il nuovo ritorno.

    • Hi Thom,

      Wow impressive you speak Italian. I am struggling with the language and after 5 years you would think it would be easy for me especially as I have studied French and Spanish.

      Many thanks for sharing your thoughts on this post!

  13. I live in London but am French (with Itatian blood). it’s the food that I miss the most…

    • Yes, Italian food in Italy is really good! There are many Italian restaurants outside Italian but somehow there don’t serve quite the same type of food here in Italy.

  14. That’s it I’ve jsut moved Rome up my list of places to go. Can you have a word with my boss to have my holidays extended. Your love of your city is infectious and spills through. I’m packing my bag!!!

    • Pack your bags! Actually it’s now getting really warm. The best time to be here is Spring and Autumn so you have time to still ask for the extended holidays from your boss :)

  15. I’m officially green with envy! It’s been a very long held dream of mine to visit Italy and I haven’t yet. Someday. Loved loved loved your post!!!

    • Hi Laila,

      I hope when you get here, the country will live up to your expectations! Some places are nicer than others. I love Umbria and Tuscany!!

      Thanks for leaving a comment and I hope you stop by again!

  16. Sounds like a lovely place to live, especially your description of the weather and the attractions!

    • Hi Jean,

      The weather here is a big plus. I like warm weather but winters here are very bearable. Also I now like the change in seasons!

      Thanks for leaving a comment here,

  17. Hi Diana,
    Although I’ve traveled all over Italy, I have never been to Rome. The last visit, I was saving it for the end, but got stuck in Naples and then Milan (where my son was studying), so Rome is a MUST GO on my to do list. You make it sound even more enticing to stay there a while and really savor the scene. From the sounds of it, it’s so rich in everything, like an overindulgent dessert. I imagine that it has its underbelly, which is like the indigestion after the dessert, of things that you don’t mention here. I’ve heard the traffic is atrocious.

    • Hi Penelope,

      Hope you make it to Rome on your next trip here!

      I would encourage you to take your time in exploring the city. It’s worth it. My friends and guests always stop over just for a few days but I feel it’s too rushed. I love your description that Rome is an overindulgent dessert!

      Traffic is atrocious and even though I have an Italian driving license, I just can’t make out the mess to know how to drive in this city. Oh, to add to that, parking is close to impossible in some areas. Gosh, I hope you are not turned off by Rome now :)

  18. Hello Diana –

    When I lived in Slovenija and Croatia, I spent time in northern Italy. Unfortunately I never traveled south to Rome. Sad sad mistake. One thing I did notice that you mentioned, is how simple and fresh the Italian restaurants and homemakers prepare their foods. True Italian food is nothing like what we eat in America at Italian restaurants here. No way. All that has been Americanized to appeal to our insatiable appetite for fast fast fast. Not so in Italy, at least in northern Italy where I spent some time at. Nice post. :)

    • Hi Charlie,

      You are definitely right about food not tasting the same outside Italy. My husband would say it’s been bastardized :) I haven’t spent a lot of time visiting Northern Italy but I have heard that it’s more organized and cleaner compared to Rome.

      Thanks for sharing your experience on this post!


  19. Thanks for giving us both sides! I’m still enticed to go there….better save up! hehehehe….Oh, to walk or run as if you’re running in an open museum? Wow, sold! :-)))

    • Hi Joy,

      I try to give an objective perspective but there are so things I just love about Rome :) The run or walk through an open museum especially on a nice cool day is definitely one of the highlights of my life here!

      Thanks for leaving a comment!

  20. That’s one of the best places that I really want to visit. Rome is beautiful in every ways. :)

  21. About food in Rome…give us please some example of some nice place where to eat…it would be great to have some tip!

  22. Hi Diana

    ive been living in rome for the past 6 months and it is a beautiful city.
    although it is a very expensive city for a place where the salaries are notoriously low.
    i would love to have the money, a car and the friends here to enjoy all rome has to offer.
    do you know of anyone who would like a kitten, i found him a few months ago, you can see him on my blog but if he doesnt find a home i will have to take him to the shelter on the 7th september :(

    • Hi Tam,

      Rome is a beautiful city for many visitors but when you live here, you begin to see that the cost of living is very high. I hope you still find ways to enjoy the city!!

      As for the kitten, I will put a message out and if no one takes him, I am sure he will be well taken care of at the shelter.

  23. Hi Diane,
    I love Rome and ache to be back there. What is the job situation there? I have worked in Retail and have been a Receptionist forever. I would really love to live in Rome, as close to the Piazza Navona as possible. Any info you send me would be real helpful.

    • Hi Annette, Rome is beautiful but living here can be challenging. With the current economic situation, it is not easy even for Italians to find work. Nevertheless, nothing is impossible and I wish you the best.

  24. Hello Diana,

    Thank you for writing a wonderful positive article about Rome. I am 21years old and visited Rome in July for only four days, however I was thrown away with the kindness, humour & culture of the city which makes you feel right at home. I am currently in the field of aviation and will be planning a trip in the next couple of months. Warm regards from England!

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