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Italian Serie A: Inter vs. Lazio

This post is for those of you who are following Italian soccer.  As you know my husband is a Lazio supporter and we were having a discussion on the upcoming match between Inter and Lazio.

With the Serie A coming down to the wire, I asked him if Lazio will lose on purpose so that Inter will stay on top of the classifications to prevent Lazio’s rival, Roma from having a chance to win the Serie A.  He doubts Lazio will do that because there are only a few matches  left and they need to obtain as many points as possible in order to avoid relegation.

I have many friends who are Roma supporters and I think for once, they will be routing(cheering) for Lazio when they play Inter this weekend. Even the Roma coach, Ranieri is counting on Lazio!

Roma plays Parma this evening while the Lazio – Inter game will be tomorrow evening.  Let’s see how the story pans out after this weekend and may the best team win.

Update 2nd May at 18.00
My husband had a discussion with another Lazio supporter who said he would rather Lazio lose and risk being relegated to Serie B than see Roma win the Serie A. I was right after all to ask the question in the first place if Lazio will lose on purpose.

A friend also sent a message to tell my husband that there’s a banner in Garbatella (which is a neighborhood where there are many Roma supporters) with the following comment:  I would rather spend one day in prison rather than be a Lazio supporter for one night.

The tension is definitely building up for the Inter-Lazio match as it’s really down to the wire.

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  1. I’m a Roma supporter and I’d be fine if Lazio were relegated to Serie B, even if it means Inter’s on top. :-)

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