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Loving Italian Breakfast

My sister can’t get over maritozzi with panna!  She absolutely loves them. Here’s another guest post from her on her favorites for breakfast . What are your favs?

As a person with a sweet tooth, I’ve always enjoyed the Italian breakfast of sweet pastries.  Now on this trip I discovered maritozzi con panna and now I’m seriously in Love with Italian Breakfast.

Loving Italian breakfast - Cornetto

First there is the cornetto, filled with any of my favorite fillings: marmalade, chocolate, white chocolate, pastry cream and panna. Plus saccottini al cioccolato too.

Loving Italian Breakfast - Saccottino

Second there is the Bomba – love the filling which just oozes out!

Loving Italian Breakfast - Bomba

Now there’s Maritozzi! I will let the picture speak for itself. It’s great with an espresso as you take a bite of Maritozzi and a sip of espresso, heavenly.

I just stumbled acrossed it after walking into a pastry store that BrowsingRome wanted to take me within the neighborhood. When I saw it, I almost leapt with joy as I’m a big fan of panna!

Loving Italian Breakfast - Maritozzi con panna

Then after doing more research about it, read the guest post on Italylogue by Kenny of Eating Italy Food Tours about the pastry shop Barberini where “they wait until you have ordered one to fill it with their homemade whipped cream”.

I will venture there on my next trip, for now the pastry shop around the neighborhood will do just fine.

Loving Italian Breakfast - Neighborhood Shop

I do still love my eggs and pancakes for breakfast. I saw this blog post on Gillian’s List about Bakery House and hope to make it there on this trip. If not then there’s always something to look forward to on my next trip.


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  1. I was pleased to see a mention of Pasticceria Barbarini in your post. It’s our favorite place for morning coffee and pastry. Not only are the pastries delicious (my husband recommends the veneziana con crema, which oozes with yummy pastry cream) but we love watching the morning barista. He’s really fast, he caters to everyone’s special requests without missing a beat, and the cappuccino is exceptional.

    • Oops! It’s Barberini (not Barbarini) and the address is Via Marmorata 41 in Testaccio, right next to Volpetti.

  2. All of that looks amazing! How can a country with so many delicious pastries get anything done? :)


    • Hi Keane, haha for me the question is “How do people in a country with so many delicious pastries still manage to look so darn good?” Your list places to visit must be growing longer by the second!

  3. Oh, and thanks for the tip on Pasticceria Barberini. I just added it to Gogobot (and subsequently, my trip plans). :)

    • We will be going there on Wednesday. She loves panna so this would be a treat for her to get freshly filled maritozzi!

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