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4 Simple Tips to Learning Italian

Learning Italian is, and continues to be, a challenge for me. While I can get by with basic conversations that allow me to buy food, read recipes in Italian, and run simple errands, I wouldn’t say I am fluent. So when I came across the YouTube channel “Learn Italian with Lucrezia”, I was impressed by the clear, concise and simple video lessons she has created for those interested in learning Italian. As such, I reached out and invited her to write a guest post for the blog.

Here are four simple, practical tips Lucrezia offers for those starting out in learning Italian. Thanks Lucrezia!

4 Tips to Learning Italian

Just beginning to learn Italian and finding it quite difficult? Not to worry! In this article I will share a few tips to get started easily with learning the language.

My first tip would be “keep it simple”: you don’t have to overdo it and use words or expressions that you find difficult or that you are not sure of the meaning. Always stick to the simplest way to communicate if you are a beginner. For example: you are at a farmer’s market and want a kilo of apples. If you do not know how to say “I would like one kilo of apples” just say the most important information to communicate, that is “un kilo di mele, per favore!” (“one kilo of apples, please!”).

Learning Italian: Four Simple Tips

First tip to learning Italian: Keep it simple

My second tip would be “keep track of every new word or expression you learn”: writing down and memorizing words really help because they will stay in your mind and you can reuse them easily in your conversations. Write them down in a notepad or in your smartphone.

My third tip would be “look up words you do not know in the dictionary”: the dictionary could be your best friend when learning a new language! It gives you the meaning and also some examples to use that word and context where you could find it.

My fourth tip would be “speak!”: do not be afraid to speak, that’s absolutely the best way to learn. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes because it’s normal and nobody will actually judge you if you do. I hope this article will help you overcome the first obstacles when learning a new language. I know Italian can be quite difficult at first but you love it when you start hearing yourself say a few phrases in Italian!

And don’t forget to subscribe to Lucrezia’s YouTube channel for more lessons and tips on learning Italian.

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