Things to do in Rome, Italy: Eating Italy Food Tours

Things to do in Rome, Italy: Eating Italy Food Tours

There are many things to do in Rome, Italy that you are often spoilt for choice.  It’s always a difficult decision as to what to see and do when time is limited.  First-time visitors to Rome often schedule a pack day of sightseeing and it’s only natural to do so as you want to make the […]

A quiet Piazza Venezia?

Piazza Venezia, Rome Italy

All roads in Rome seem to lead to the Piazza Venezia which had been the hub of the city’s road network since 1881.  So, it’s always a not a surprise when you see traffic stuck in every direction around Piazza Venezia.  However,if you are an early bird and head out before the crowd hits, you […]

The smallest of Rome’s seven hills

Capitoline Hill (Campidoglio) - Rome, Italy

The Campidoglio (Capitoline Hill) is the smallest of Rome’s seven hills and it was the religious and political center of the city since its inception 2500 years ago. The lovely Piazza Del Campidoglio was primarily the design of Michelangelo and dates back to the Renaissance. It sits majestically above the nearby Forum and was once […]

Colosseum in Rome

Living In Rome Italy - Surrounded by Wonders

‘Did you see the Colosseum in Rome?’ I mean seriously, if you told your friends or family that you went to Rome, Italy this would probably be the first thing they ask. In my opinion, no visit to Rome is complete without stopping at the Colosseum.

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