[Video] Cool experience in Rome: Colosseum at Night


I’ve passed by the Colosseum countless number of times, been inside a handful of times during the day but never had the chance to visit the Colosseum at night. Not until recently. My husband, who’s from Rome, seldom joins me in being a “tourist” in Rome but when we were invited by Walks of Italy […]

Visit to The Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel After Closing Hours


An experience of a lifetime. That fittingly describes the amazing experience I had yesterday evening. It doesn’t get more exclusive than being the only visitors in the Vatican Museums after closing hours and even more extraordinary, having the Sistine Chapel all to ourselves. This was a private tour specially arranged by The Roman Guy, and […]

Things to see in Rome: Off-the-beaten path

Things to see in Rome: Santo Stefano in Rotondo

While there are plenty of things to see in Rome, more often than not, visitors will make their way to the main attractions – ones that are a must-see especially if you are a first-time visitor to the city. I can’t blame them for wanting to check the Colosseum, the most iconic symbol of Rome, […]

Walking the Appian Way in Rome

Appian Way in Rome - Walking or biking is possible

After all the eating we did on Easter, I would have been happy to walk the first 16km of the Appian Way and back. Easter for us is usually synonymous with a feast but this year, the weekend happened to also coincide with three birthdays in the family. If that wasn’t enough, we had friends […]

Ruins at Ostia Antica are worth a visit

Ostia Antica - Theater

It took me too long to finally visit the ruins at Ostia Antica and I say this with much regret.  To those who say that you won’t be as impressed by Ostia Antica after you’ve visit Pompeii, I’d say you are wrong. It’s different, fascinating and absolutely worth the visit. I am not sure if […]

Crypts, Bones and Catacomb: Creepy? Not Really

Catacombs Crypts Tour in Rome - San Clemente

I have been putting off any visit to catacombs and crypts for a while as I find them creepy to say the least.  I think it didn’t help that I was brought up in an Asian family that was superstitious and going underground to a place that was once a burial ground is not something […]

Attraction in Rome: Basilica di Santo Stefano Rotondo

Attraction in Rome: Santo Stefano Rotondo Interior

A few weeks ago, as I was in Celio, I dropped by Santo Stefano Rotondo to get some relief from the heatwave that we have been experiencing in Rome.  What’s wonderful about this Basilica is that there is usually hardly any visitors here.  Its tranquil grounds is welcoming, a huge contrast to the gruesome frescoes […]

Attraction in Rome: St. Paul Outside-The-Walls

Attraction in Rome: St. Paul Outside the Walls - Facade

It was by chance that we stopped by this lesser known attraction in Rome as my niece was having her piano recital in the vicinity (this story is for another day). We often drive by St. Paul Outside-The-Walls and while I would have a few seconds to admire this stunning Basilica, the last time I […]

Attraction in Rome: Santi Quattro Coronati

Attraction in Rome: Santi Quattro Coronati - Featured

This attraction in Rome for me is a haven when you need to get away from the “busy-ness” of the city. While the book, “The Secrets of Rome” describes Santi Quattro Coronati as ” a gigantic fortress appears, powerful…” and the walk up from the Colosseum do give you the sense of this, it’s a […]

Attraction in Rome: Palazzo Valentini

Attraction in Rome: Palazzo Valentini - Featured

What is fascinating about this attraction in Rome is not the Palazzo itself but what lies beneath and how with the use of technology, these ruins are brought to life. I had heard about Palazzo Valentini from my sister-in-law who was arranging a trip for my niece and her classmates. She had mentioned that with […]

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