More great places to eat in Rome

Pizza al taglio and suppli from Pizzarium

Just this past week I’ve come across a handful of great posts on places to eat in Rome, and would like to share them with you in case you have missed them The first post I came across was from Tavole Romane titled “The Untouchables” where they list not 10 or 20 or even 30 […]

A week’s worth of eating out in Rome

Places to eat Rome - Osteria Fernanda - Calamari

After my sister had sent me the details of her flight itinerary to Rome, the next email I got was an itinerary of new of places she would like to check out from the 17 places I had suggested. With slightly more than a week in Rome, it was a tight schedule especially as dinners […]

Metamorfosi – Literally A Transformation

Metamorfosi - Places to Eat in Rome - Lamb Shoulder

The experience at Metamorfosi was literally a transformation for me.  I swore I stepped in with mixed emotions ranging from a touch of excitement, a hint of curiosity and much apprehension but I walked out completely transformed and full of praises! Allow me to share some background details to give you an idea of what […]

“Open” Places to Eat in Rome

Open Places to Eat in Rome - Open Baladin - Chips

This post on Open Colonna and Open Baladin was written by my sister who was here earlier this year.  She was able to check out a good number of places during her two-week visit and while these aren’t necessary her favorite places, here’s her take on these two places to eat in Rome. Open Colonna: […]

Discovering New Places & Food in Rome

More places to eat in Rome - Pinsere

September was an extremely busy month and I apologize for the lack of updates.  While I had to put a lot of things on hold (including writing posts), eating fortunately (or unfortunately), wasn’t one of them. Though time was limited, I was still able to sneak in breakfast with my wonderful friends Gillian and Heather […]

New Places to Eat in Rome

Places to Eat in Rome, Italy - RED Feltrinelli - Restaurant

It’s awesome to see some new places opening up in Rome that are located in centro storico (historic centre).  What’s even more important is that the food and prices are decent.  I have also included two gelaterie in this listing as they deserve the mention. Except for the couple of weeks I was in Sicily, […]

Gelato Shop and More on Via della Croce


It’s summer and it should come as no surprise that I am writing a post on yet another gelato shop. Just as I was headed to Piazza della Spagna a few days ago, I got a message on Twitter from Frances Mayes suggesting Venchi. This was in reply to a post I had shared on […]

L’Arcangelo: Gnocchi Thursday

L'Arcangelo: Gnocchi

This post on L’Arcangelo was written by my sister who was here on a two-week vacation last month and would like to share her experiences on BrowsingRome. “It’s Thursday” my sister reminded me but as I was on vacation, days don’t really matter.  “It’s Thursday, gnocchi Thursday – let’s head to l’Arcangelo” she added the […]

Fatamorgana Gelateria – Illusion No More

Gelateria Fatamorgana Featured

Despite two failed-attempts to get a gelato from Fatamorgana with my sister, I chose to see if I will get lucky the third time around. To not face another round of disappointment, I had no expectations but figured that this time around, I will head there not when they are just opening at 12.00pm but […]

La Dolce Vita: Il Gelato Di Claudio Torce

Il Gelato di Claudio Torce: Variety of Gelato

From this post, it’s obvious that my sister has a love affair with Il Gelato di Claudio Torce.  To see the photos of the gelato, visit her wall of gelato in Rome. Sheer Genius whomever came up with the savory gelato flavors at Il Gelato Di Claudio Torce, also just known as Il Gelato.  Oh […]

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