Don’t Miss This Event! Gelato World Tour in Rome

Gelato World Tour - Fun

I’ve always said it’s always the right time for gelato! And today,with the sweltering heat, it couldn’t be more perfect of a day to kick-off the Gelato World Tour 2013-2014 which will be headed to 8 cities and 5 continents. Rome is the first leg of the tour and the event takes place from May […]

In the neighborhood: Scala Santa

Things to do in Rome, Italy - Scala Santa - Sancta Sanctorum

You know you live in Rome when you are so spoilt for choice with the many stunning attractions in and around the city that those in the neighborhood tend to be put off for “another” day.  That day is never tomorrow or even next week and if you are lucky, it will be in a […]

Walking the Appian Way in Rome

Appian Way in Rome - Walking or biking is possible

After all the eating we did on Easter, I would have been happy to walk the first 16km of the Appian Way and back. Easter for us is usually synonymous with a feast but this year, the weekend happened to also coincide with three birthdays in the family. If that wasn’t enough, we had friends […]

Fun Segway Tour in Rome

Things to do in Rome - Segway Tour - Campidoglio

Once upon a time – we’re talking about a really long time here – I received an invitation to test out a Segway in far away land. Unfortunately, pesky work commitments got in the way which sadly meant I had to turn it down. Since then I’ve only stared at fascination and with envy at […]

A week’s worth of eating out in Rome

Places to eat Rome - Osteria Fernanda - Calamari

After my sister had sent me the details of her flight itinerary to Rome, the next email I got was an itinerary of new of places she would like to check out from the 17 places I had suggested. With slightly more than a week in Rome, it was a tight schedule especially as dinners […]

Crash course on the Papal Conclave: 8 Handy Resources

Papal Conclave 2013 - Vatican - Feature

The much awaited Papal Conclave will begin tomorrow afternoon and all eyes will be on the Vatican.  If you are still not sure about what goes on during the Papal Conclave, here are 8 insightful resources that will give you the A to Z of what it entails. 1. Rome’s Sistine Chapel: 50 fascinating facts - Telegraph […]

17 Places to Eat in Rome – List for my sister

Places to eat in Rome - Romeo

My sister has been contemplating a visit to Rome and with many new exciting places that have just opened up, here’s another list of 17 places that she may want to check out when she is in town next. Not all are “new” openings but the list includes places which are new to me. They […]

Exploring Trionfale Food Market and Roman Cuisine with Tavole Romane


Before revealing the mouth-watering tastings we had while exploring the Trionfale market and the impressive new food outlets in Prati, a big thank you to Tavole Romane for the kind invitation to join them on this exciting food tour. I was eagerly looking forward to it as there were many firsts for me which I […]

Living and Digging History

Via dei Fori Imperiali - Rome, Italy

I was no history buff. History was a subject I had to study in school – full stop. While I found it interesting, it never got much of my attention. It was only when I moved to Rome that history took on a whole different perspective. How can it not when I found myself coming […]

Metamorfosi – Literally A Transformation

Metamorfosi - Places to Eat in Rome - Lamb Shoulder

The experience at Metamorfosi was literally a transformation for me.  I swore I stepped in with mixed emotions ranging from a touch of excitement, a hint of curiosity and much apprehension but I walked out completely transformed and full of praises! Allow me to share some background details to give you an idea of what […]

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