Taxis in Rome

Taxis in Rome: Main

I don’t often take taxis in Rome as I get around with public transportation but when I do, it’s usually because I absolutely need to. Even going to the airport, it is easier and cheaper to take the Leonardo Express and on top of that you don’t have to worry about traffic. Last week a […]

Public Transport in Rome – Part 2

Public Transport in Rome - Metro

While Part 1 of public transport in Rome covers the basics such as the different types of tickets and where to buy them, this post will cover the metro and bus routes as well as a few tools to help you get around in Rome. This post is as extensive as the first one and […]

Public Transport In Rome – Part 1

Public Transport in Rome - Guide- Part 1

I have been taking public transport in Rome since the very first day I got there.  It’s not because I don’t have an Italian driver’s license (which I studied a lot for and this story is for another day) but parking and people driving with so much disorder just freaks me out. Although public transport […]

Rome Public Transport: Termini Station

Rome Public Transport: Termini Station - Headed in the Right Direction

If you are planning to take Rome’s public transport, please keep in mind that there are renovations going on in Termini Station.  There are signs everywhere to get you to Metro A or B lines but it can be confusing.  However, staff, usually in yellow or orange jackets, are present to help you. To be […]

Leonardo Express

Termini Station, Rome, Italy

A few days ago,  my sister was taking the Leonardo Express from Termini to the airport in Fiumicino.  As my husband was at work and I prefer not to drive in Rome, this was the best option for her. Termini is undergoing some renovations at this time and there are many diversions so just follow […]

On a bus in Rome…


This evening while I was going to my yoga lesson near Piazza Navona, there was an American family on the bus who and the father asked me if they were on the right bus to Piazza Cavour.  I told him he just needs to stay on the bus until the final stop. He then continued […]

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