A quick glimpse of Rome, Italy

Roof tops of Rome, Italy

Sure, Rome wasn’t built in a day, but you can no doubt make a day, or days, out of it. The Eternal City remains unrivaled when it comes to the sheer aesthetic supremacy of its antique structures and its impressive, widely-venerated history. It doesn’t come as a surprise that Rome claimed the #2 spot on […]

Happy Birthday Rome!

happy birthday rome

Rome may be called The Eternal City, but each year on April 21 Romans celebrate the birthday of their spectacular city. Il Natale di Roma, or the Birth of Rome, is a special time of year to travel to Rome and join in the celebrations honouring the city’s glorious history. Rome is a city where […]

Rome weather


One of the positive things about living in Rome is the sunny, Mediterranean climate which it enjoys. I have to admit that Rome does get year-round sunshine even in winter. When there’s the sun, winter is less gloomy and except for this year, winters have been bearable.

Business Hours in Rome


When I was in Rome on vacation, I loved the fact that shops and businesses closed during lunch. It was my excuse to take a nap after lunch and then head out again at 4pm.

When is the best time to visit Rome?


I was just asked this questions a few weeks back but it’s a common question I always get. My answer is always the same “visit Rome in Spring between April and June, and in Autumn from end-September until late October.”

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