International Sporting Events in Rome (Spring/Summer)

Rome Masters, Tennis: Foro Italico, Rome, Italy

When spring comes around, besides looking forward to the warmer weather, it also means some exciting sporting events in Rome. Attending these events is always thrilling for me. The energy at the place is electrifying and watching athletes performing at the highest caliber is inspiring. Here are events that are happening now, this weekend and […]

Conclave frenzy, New Pope and more

St Peter's Basilica, Vatican

It has been a week filled with excitement in Rome as the Papal Conclave got underway this past Tuesday. All eyes were on Vatican eagerly waiting to see the white smoke signaling that a pope has been elected. And unless you have been living under a rock, you know there is a new Pope! With the […]

One crazy February and it’s not over yet!


We were waiting for it to happen but we didn’t quite expect it to turn out this way. Every winter we brace for the “Dreaded Month” and when it happens is anybody’s guess. This year it happened this month and the experience has opened my eyes to even more aspects of life in Italy. It […]

Christmas Holidays are over!

Christmas in Rome - Colosseum

With the arrival of La Befana on January 6th, the Christmas holidays in Italy are officially over.  Time seems to have flown by in warp-speed especially considering that my holidays started middle of November. I had spent a month in Asia with family and got back to Rome a week before Christmas, in time to […]

Sagra del Tartufo in Casperia


We don’t often attend sagre (plural of sagra) as crowds are something we try to avoid.  So when we do go to one, there are usually lesser-known and on a much smaller scale. This past weekend, my brother-in-law invited us to join them in Casperia for the Sagra del Tartufo and taking the opportunity to […]

Exploring Esquilino with Rome for Expats


Esquilino is not new to me as I had lived very close to this neighborhood for four years before moving to our present home.  Lesser known compared to its more famous neighbor Monti, Esquilino has more than meets the eye. What comes to mind when Esquilino is mentioned are the ethnic stores in this area. […]

Sketching in Rome

Sketching Tour - View New Featured

I am not an artist and experience has supposedly told me that. But when I heard that Kelly was doing a sketching tour in Rome, it got my attention. Deep down, there’s that tiny voice that believes that my case is not a hopeless one.  And so I signed up – with the tiniest of […]

Summer in Rome – Pool Time

Summer in Rome - Club - Tennis Courts

With my nieces out of school and summer in full swing and, one way to beat the heat and keep them entertain is by taking them to the pool.  It helps to be able to kill two birds with one stone.  Whenever I can, I join them and last week, with one day off work, […]

At a glance: Surviving the hottest June in 230 years

Surviving the hottest June in 230 years - Italy - Infographic

A glance at the post on Surviving the Hottest June in 230 years. This weekend, I stayed home as my way of surviving the heatwave and figured that I will attempt to create a graphic for those who are more visual. If you are planning a visit to Rome this summer, here are tips to help […]

Surviving the hottest June in 230 years

Hottest June in Rome Italy in 230 years - Roman Sun

This past week has been excruciating hot in Rome and it came as no surprise when it was announced that this has been the hottest June in 230 years. This year, the weather in Rome has been radical, with snow in February and now with this heatwave we are experiencing. It’s expected to last until Sunday […]

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