Who sang Volare?


I can tell you that when I first heard Volare, it was sung by Gipsy Kings and I thought it was a Spanish song (yes..shame on me)  It wasn’t until I met my husband that he told me I got it all wrong! Though it is popularly known as Volare, it’s also called ‘Nel blu […]

Here’s Marco Mengoni

As mentioned on my previous post, here’s the Italian song by Marco Mengoni. He didn’t win San Remo but he had a good performance with this song.  Though I didn’t really support him when he was on X-Factor, I have to admit that he was a very good performer.  The song he sung at San […]

Another Italian Song from San Remo

This Italian song was the San Remo Festival Winner of the New Generation category. It was sung by Tony Maiello.  When I saw him he looked familiar and after a few seconds, I realized he was a contestant on another talent show called X-Factor a couple of seasons back.  He didn’t win but he was […]

This Italian song won San Remo

This Italian song which is called “Per Tutte Le Volte Che..” (translates to “For all the times that..”) won at the San Remo Music Festival.

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