La Festa di San Giuseppe and Bigné di San Giuseppe

Bigne di San Giuseppe - Festa di San Giuseppe

Buona Festa del Papà! (Happy Father’s Day) You may think I have the wrong date but here in Italy, Father’s Day is celebrated on March 19th which coincides with St. Joseph’s Day (La Festa di San Giuseppe), who happens to be the patron saint of the Church, fathers and carpenters. And is it then a […]

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays in Rome, Italy _ Piazza Venezia

After spending a month in S.E. Asia , we are back in Rome in time for the holidays and to wish you and your family “Happy Holidays and an Amazing 2013!” Rome is evidently ready for the holidays and although the hot and humid weather in S.E. Asia doesn’t foster a feel of the holidays, […]

Celebrating Easter in Rome

Easter in Rome: Preparations at Colosseum for Stations of the Cross

If you are celebrating Easter in Rome, here are a few posts which I have come across that will provides very useful information regarding the different events taking place in the city and of course, don’t forget to try some food specifically for Easter. Easter Week in Rome by Viator Travel Blog Easter in Rome: […]

Celebrating Christmas in Rome


For me, celebrating Christmas in Rome starts on December 24th.  Even before moving here, when we would be back in Rome for the holidays, the main focus was the Christmas Eve feast.  This, however, varies from household to household. My sister-in-law’s in-laws, for example, have their feast on Christmas Day.  Yes, Christmas in Rome, or […]

Ricciarelli Recipe: Italian Christmas Treat

Ricciarelli recipe: Italian Christmas Cookie

That’s all there is to the ricciarelli recipe? This was my reaction when I was researching some ricciarelli recipes online. I have always seen ricciarelli sold in supermarkets during this time of the year but never thought much about them as pandoro, panettone and variations of them are the main “dessert” on most Italian tables […]

Holidays Feasts in Rome


Holidays in Rome and Italy in general are always very much food related.  I must say I love that and at the same time I am glad that they are far and in-between. For the Christmas holidays, we usually prepare a huge dinner on the 24th as my husband is originally from the south of […]

Pastiera: A closely guarded Italian dessert recipe

Pastiera ready to eat

Pastiera is an Italian dessert which originates from Naples. As my husband’s family is from Naples, I was fortunate enough to be given this closely guarded Italian dessert recipe which has been passed on from generation to generation. Although many pastiera recipes include candied fruits, our family recipe omits this. A few say it’s not […]

Easter religious celebrations in Rome Italy


If you have read my other post about Easter in Rome, I had mentioned this religious celebration here in Italy  is now more associated with chocolate eggs, colomba and lamb.  However, as you can see from the two videos below, there are many people who still participate in the religious celebrations held on Good Friday […]

Pasquetta in Rome


“Pasquetta” when literally translated into English means ‘Small Easter”. It is the holiday after Easter Sunday and many people here in Rome take the opportunity to leave the city for a day trip. Often, friends would get together for a picnic and take advantage of the arrival of Spring. People always hope for good weather […]

Easter in Rome Italy


Easter celebrations here in Rome started a month ago with supermarkets selling a wide variety of chocolate Easter eggs and a typical Italian cake called colomba. Although Easter is a religious festival, the commercialization of Easter in Italy has resulted in many children associating Easter with chocolate eggs. However, the religious celebrations in Rome kicked […]

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