AgriturismoLife Hand-Picks the Best Agriturismi


I am a strong advocate of agriturismi and even before living in Italy, our preference, whenever possible, has been to stay in more hospitable and friendly places. Since living in Italy, I have stayed at many agriturismi myself and love the idea of getting away from it all in a place that feels like home.  […]

Beyond Rome with Cherrye in Calabria

Catanzaro, Italy

Cherrye Moore is a Texas-born freelance writer who moved to southern Italy and opened a bed and breakfast and travel consulting business with her Calabrese husband.  Cherrye shares with us valuable tips for traveling to this part of Italy and I sincerely thank Cherrye for the in-depth details she has provided.  As I have never […]

Beyond Rome with Laura in Amalfi Coast

Beyond Rome in Amalfi Coast

Laura Thayer, an art historian and freelance writer,  is one of the fortunate ones to be living in the beautiful Amalfi Coast in Campania, Italy.  She loves writing about travel, shopping and preparing local recipes and walking the ancient pathways on the Amalfi Coast.  She blogs about life on the Amalfi Coast at her own […]

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