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Fav Bites in Positano

On the trip to Positano last weekend, there were a few things on my mind that I wanted to make sure I had.  They weren’t even dishes but more like bites and two out of three were for those who have a sweet tooth.

Bites in and near Positano

1.  Pane Casatiello and Saltimbocca

On the way to Positano, going through Costiera Sorrentina, we always try to stop at Oasi to get some pane casatiello and saltimbocca.  The saltimbocca is not what you think but rather a panini with melted cheese and prosiutto. While my husband loves the saltimbocca,  what I look forward to is the pane casatiello.

Oasi - A regular stop on the way to Positano

It is soft and fluffy with some serious chunks of prosciutto.  It’s a great snack and though I just pinch off a small piece of bread at a time, it’s always one too many.  It’s just too good to stop!

2. Brioche

The first morning we had one at La Zagara and it was a disappointment.  It was not as soft as the one I had the last trip at the Bar at La Buca di Bacco.  The next morning we headed directly to La Buca di Bacco and it was as good as I had remembered it.  Super soft!

Brioche at the Bar di Buca di Bacco

3.  Delizia al Limone

I have always seen this dessert everything I pass by La Zagara but on previous trips, my thing was torta caprese.  This time, I am into lemons and also in order for me to make this dessert, I needed to taste what it’s like!

Delizia Al Limone from La Zagara in Positano

After a bite, I am sold.  This is my new favorite dessert.  A soft sponge cake slightly bathed with lemon juice, limoncello or a mixture of both and filled as well as covered with whipped cream that has a hint of lemon.

There are plenty of other unique dishes here in Positano but for this trip I was happy I had the three bites above.

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  1. An “early run” to La Buca di Bacco is a great way to start a day in lovely Positano!
    Plus literally mean run as in exercise =) Start out the morning with an “early” run (or more like stairmaster session) around the main area of Positano. Have to do it “early” so that there’s still not too many people out and about. Then end up at La Buca di Bacco for Brioche, also like the Cornetto and Bomba con Chocolate!
    It’s also nice to take a few to go, if you’re traveling with a group of friends/family who are still soundly asleep as it’s a nice treat for them too when they wake up.

    • I did bring my running shoes but at the end, we just “walked” down to get the brioche and bomba before taking the boat over to Fornillo. That was how lazy we were that we didn’t even walk over! It’s always a treat for those who just woke up to know that the brioche, cornetti and bombe are on it’s way up – free delivery :)

  2. I love, love, love Positano and Amalfi coast…

    Everything but driving there. LOL

    • Hi Ana,

      It’s my husband who does the driving :) We took family there once and the car ride made them sick! However, when they got there, it was well worth it! Any plans to visit Positano again in the near future?


  3. Great article! Last year I went to the Amalfi Coast on a cruise and ate way too much Delizia al Limone. Who’d have known that something so simple could taste so good! I recently tried to recreate it in my own kitchen and failed miserably but that probably says more about my cooking abilities than anything else!

    • That’s what’s best about Italian food. They offer simple but flavorful dishes – even the desserts! Summer is around the corner and I can’t wait to head to Positano again soon! What about yourself- any plans on visiting Positano in the near future?

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