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100 Locals in Rome

If you are planning a trip to Rome, you’d especially want to get your hands on the 100 Locals in Rome book. And if you love Rome and Italy, the lovely photos and stories will transport you back to Bella Roma.

100 Locals in Rome hardcover VIP Edition

With this crowd-sourced guide, 100 locals, from architects to photographers to retirees, share their favorite secret spots, restaurants and more. Tips where you get to truly experience Rome like the Romans (See my tips here).

Tradition has it that to be considered a “true” Roman you have to be able to trace your roots back 7 generations to the city. Not easy to come by, the criteria the editorial team had was that the “local” had to have lived in Rome for at least 7 years.

Inside tips in 100 Locals in Rome book

Filled with gorgeous photos of the city and in an easy to read format, the book is available in paperback and hardcover versions as well as an ebook, which makes it a handy resource for visitors planning a trip to the city. Prices start at €10 for the ebook to €25 + shipping costs for the hardcover version.

If you know family and friends who love Rome, the beautiful hardcover version would be the perfect gift for them. For more details and to purchase the book, visit the 100 Locals in Rome website.

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